Windows VPS Australia

***Note: This is an article on Windows VPS for Australia. At the current time, Solar VPS does not offer Windows VPS solutions for Australia.*** Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are popular all over the world. It is a more affordable option to maintaining a dedicated server while having enough juice to power a blog, a company website, an e-commerce site and mobile applications. In most cases, basic VPS plans supply the user with 2GB of RAM and 50GB to 100GB of disk space. With a VPS plan, a user can utilize unmetered VPS hosting services providing unlimited bandwidth. Despite the many hosting plans available for Windows VPS Europe, a good portion of the web hosting community are opting for Australian VPS providers because of faster speeds. When choosing a provider, the first considerations are the area where you live and the area where most of your traffic comes from. It might defeat the purpose to choose a VPS plan in a foreign country based solely on speed, RAM and bandwidth if your main business operates on the other side of the world. For one thing, technical support will be difficult. Second, should the Internet experience technical issues within its host nation, users the world away will take on the effects. Another concern is where your website data is stored. If your hosting provider is in the UK or Australia, your data will be stored in those nations. For obvious reasons, this could prove to be a major issue.

Windows VPS Around the Globe

If you prefer to get Windows VPS servers outside of the United States, then a simple search using the keywords Europe Best Windows VPS and VPS best hosting Australia will yield many results. Do not just limit yourself to the plan features. Instead, take time to go through consumer reviews and see what other users think of the VPS host in question. What are users saying about Windows VPS Australia and Windows VPS UK versus VPS hosting plans in America? A lot of people are attracted to US hosting plans because of the price. One main reason is that there are a lot more data centers in the US as compared to other countries, bringing down the cost considerably. Apart from more options for connectivity, the US also has cheaper hardware, thus hosting companies can further bring down the prices of their monthly VPS plans. For example, VPS plans range anywhere from $30 – $80 per month in the U.S. But Australia best Windows VPS can run up to hundreds of dollars per month for a similar service. The reason behind this is because Australia has high hardware and software costs and less data centers than the US. Additionally, the US has a population about ten times larger than Australia driving down the costs of bandwidth. But still, people continue to opt for hosting in other countries such as Europe and Australia. As mentioned earlier, the main reason is speed. However, recently companies have begun to announce tie-ups with Microsoft which are causing them to lower the prices of VPS hosting overseas. As a result, good price points have now become available to the Australian and European markets.

Advantages of VPS Best Hosting Australia

VPS has a wide range of uses. It is capable of developing complex sites, constructing online stores and running applications without the restrictions of a shared hosting environment. One of the top advantages is control and functionality. You have full control over your website and its data content. You can even opt for partially managed and fully managed plans whereby the VPS provider takes charge of the administrative side of the website. So instead of spending time on maintenance, you can focus on development and lead more traffic to your website. Another advantage is speed. With a smaller swath of users in the market, speed is almost certainly guaranteed. It means that your website will startup and load pages faster equating to happy users who will tend to spend more time on your site. Talking about VPS will always get people excited. But learning about all its advantages can easily convert companies who want to take a step up from shared hosting without the cost of dedicated servers. Maybe it is time to consider Australian VPS today.