Unmanaged Windows VPS

Unmanaged Windows VPS

The most visible management element of a virtual private server is its control panel. Within Windows virtual dedicated hosting, the control panel is the primary software package that users need to take care of all the other add-ons and options that might be used for web hosting. In addition to an internal control panels, some companies opt for a fully managed virtual private server which is monitored and taken care of externally. Fully managed VPS solutions aside, in most cases, companies who choose to use an Unmanaged VPS hosting platform usually operate on Linux based servers (forget Instant Windows VPS here). The idea of an unmanaged Windows VPS strikes many companies as weird due to its closed world nature. However unlikely or unthinkable, Unmanaged Windows VPS solutions do exist on the market today. Here is a quick look at one of the more notable unmanaged Windows VPS packages currently being offered to consumers, Solar VPS:

Solar VPS

Among VPS providers offering their clients an Unmanaged Windows VPS solution, Solar VPS sticks out in a sea of similar competitors. Offering both unmanaged and Linux Windows VPS, since its founding in 2005, Solar VPS has made great headway in providing consumers with an excellent unmanaged Windows VPS solution.

Customize the VPS Particulars

In terms of unmanaged Windows VPS, Solar VPS offers its clients full server customization mixed with a variety of add-ons like SolarRay Monitoring, Softaculous, dotDefender and Plesk control panel. Concerning full customization, unlike other Windows VPS companies who provide their clients with pre-packaged servers, Solar VPS allows their clients to choose how much memory, disk storage, bandwidth and CPU cores they want. Looking for a VPS solution with 512 MB of memory, 40GB of disk storage, 3.5TB of bandwidth mixed with 3 CPU cores? With Solar VPS web hosting, you can do that. Or maybe you would like your unmanaged Windows VPS plan to have 2.5GB of memory, 70GB of disk storage, 5TB of bandwidth mixed with 2 CPU cores? Well, that is just fine also.

Cheap Windows VPS Solutions

It has to be noted, as you’re reading this article because you’re looking for an Unmanaged Windows VPS, the VPS solution you settle on is going to be cheaper than a fully managed VPS. Although be warned, because you are opting for the Windows OS over Linux OS’s like Debian and Ubuntu, your monthly spend will be a bit higher. For the base unmanaged Windows VPS solution, you will spend $50 per month as opposed to $22 per month for an unmanaged Linux VPS solution.

Solar VPS SolarSystem

One of the best things about Solar VPS is their constant dedication to improving the technology they use. Straight to the point, under the guidance of their COO Ross Brouse and his crew of stellar IT professionals, on October 3, 2012 Solar VPS released their brand new Cloud VPS Management Suite, the SolarSystem. The SolarSystem was designed in house to provide the web hosting community with breathe taking VPS customization and full web hosting freedom. Giving Windows VPS providers everywhere a run for their money, the SolarSystem lets working professionals everywhere focus on their core competencies rather than focusing on the uptime of their websites.

The Bottom Line

We’re sure that there a lot more unmanaged Windows VPS hosting providers on the market (we haven’t even gotten into Europe-based VPS providers), but Solar VPS is easily the most notable among them. As we have briefly mentioned earlier, the idea of an unmanaged Windows VPS is quite difficult to materialize, primarily due to the fact that as a licensed OS and root access is almost impossible. In addition, a Windows VPS would surely come installed with a few administrative systems and software packages that a Linux OS would not. So, if you are in the hunt for an unmanaged VPS, give Windows a shot.