Instant Windows VPS

Instant Windows VPS

When utilizing a VPS, there is usually an amount of time in which the provider sets up your VPS solution. For a Windows-based VPS, the amount of set up time is usually extended a little bit because it requires one small step before everything in the virtual server can be properly used: Windows OS activation. Set up time is why the idea of an instant Windows VPS always rings good to those who are concerned about saving time more than money. Although you get a quick start when using an instant setup, the downside of instant Windows VPS is there are hardly any VPS providers that can actually provide lightning fast activation. For this article, we will look at instant server deployment and Solar VPS, a VPS provider with excellent server deployment times.

VPS Solutions…in a Rush

So you need your server up and running in a jiffy. We understand you’re in a rush – sometimes when flying from galaxy to galaxy our little Solar VPS spaceman Cosmo prefers light speed to mock 10. But we have to say, there really is no such thing as an instant VPS provider. While the industry standard for getting a Windows VPS up and running is sub three hours, you will be hard pressed to find a virtual private service provider who will deploy your VPS in under an hour. For reasons mentioned above deploying a Windows VPS solution in under an hour is tricky due to Windows OS activation. Sometimes activation just takes time. Now although you will be coming up empty when finding an instant Windows VPS deployment plan, you can find almost instant Linux VPS deployment with a variety of hosting companies in the IT industry.

Linux VPS Deployment

So why is a Linux VPS quicker to deploy than a Windows VPS solution? The answer is simple: Windows OS requires activation from Microsoft. Due to the fact that Windows is controlled by a large corporation with a bottom line profit, your activation has to be looked into and proven valid. This all takes time. On the other hand, Linux is open source. It means there is no overall guiding hand or principle determining what you do with your server or when you upgrade it. Open source means no overall activation for the OS. As such, many companies, including Solar VPS, can have your Linux VPS up and running in a snap. But we digress, you are here for instant Windows VPS and most likely, Unmanaged Windows VPS.

The SolarSystem

With the knowledge that instant Windows VPS is somewhat a myth within the Windows virtual server hosting community, you now have to decide which web hosting service to give your business to. For our money, your Windows VPS solution should be Solar VPS and our stellar SolarSystem. So what is the SolarSystem and how fast can Solar VPS deploy your Windows virtual private server? The SolarSystem is your choice of Windows or Linux Cloud VPS. It features:
  • On Demand VM Creation
  • Uptime Monitoring with SolarRay
  • Complete DNS Control
  • Reboot/Reinstall/Console Access
  • Full VPS Customization (RAM, Disk Space, Bandwidth and CPU Cores)
  • Plesk or cPanel
  • Solar VPS 24/7/365 Support dubbed “Mission Control”
All in all, the SolarSystem is a full Cloud VPS Management Suite built to suit your needs and let you get back to your business. As mentioned before, Windows VPS takes a bit of time to get rolling. The one thing we can say is with Solar VPS your virtual private server will be up and running almost as fast as your Linux VPS solution. Barring any issues with OS activation, we will have your Windows VPS hosting in no time flat.