Windows 2003 VPS

Windows 2003 VPS

Microsoft Windows 2003 is one of the most successful servers in the world. It succeed Windows 2000 and set the precedent for Windows 2008. It promises efficiency and ease of use for small to large business because of its simple interface, improved features, database and computer interactivity. But like any operating system, it has its pros and cons. While it is highly reliable and stable, it requires a certain amount of investment. The OS itself is quite expensive and your staff needs to be trained in order to run it properly.

VPS Hosting

Small to large businesses are now enjoying the advantages of Windows VPS solutions. Gone are the days when you needed vast resources to run a dedicated server for a website. Gone is the age when companies had to resort to low-cost shared hosting despite compromising their site’s efficiency. Through Microsoft Virtual Server 2003, companies are able to make use of virtual environments to run their sites. Many companies that use ASP, .NET or Microsoft Access prefer to use Windows 2003 VPSor Windows 2008 VPS, especially if they use Windows heavily in their day to day processes. Windows VPS promises speed, disk space, bandwidth, reliability and security without the heavy hardware and manpower requirements of a dedicated server. It also promises more speed and efficiency than shared hosting services. Another valued benefit to VPS hosting is the regular maintenance of operating system updates. If you get a managed VPS plan, you leave the operational side of the website fully in the hands of experts, allowing you to focus on the content and the quality of customer experience.

Benefits of Windows VPS Hosting

Here are more than a few reasons to consider Windows VPS hosting:
  • Most VPS providers are based on a cheap Windows 2003 VPS (not Windows 7 VPS). These two operating systems are known for their ability to provide excellent function, as attested by many clients who have resorted to VSP as a business solution. It is also easy to use giving a business owner full control over what can be a complicated task.
  • Windows VPS hosting supports many Microsoft technologies and applications, most of which you might already be using. As a result, it is easy to migrate information and subsequently move data back and forth (from your end to the website).
  • If your website incorporates a database, your Windows 2003 VPS supports .NET, SQL servers, MySQL database and PHP scripts. It can also handle large databases used by high traffic e-commerce sites.
  • Windows 2003 or VPS Windows 2008 services can be fully customized to meet any client’s needs. Whether you are a start-up or a big site handling tons of traffic, there is a plan that will fit your needs. This means a better experience for the website owner and his customers.
  • Windows VPS hosting is compatible to control panels such as WebsitePanel, DotNetPanel and Helm.
  • A lot of people use Microsoft software and Windows is owned by Microsoft. So if you are an avid Microsoft user and you use Microsoft programs to accomplish your daily tasks, then using a Windows VPS is the best option for you. It makes it easier to build, develop and manage your website.
Windows 2003 is quite pricey but the great thing about getting a Windows 2003 VPS hosting plan, is that Windows 2003 comes free with it. You can access it twenty-four hours a day, three hundred sixty-five days a year, no matter where you are in the world. It can power your business without having to worry about manpower problems, power interruptions and natural calamities which might arise. Another added benefit of Windows 2003 VPS is remote desktop access. Enjoy full control of your website from any location. A VPS is literally a server on the go that you can access from any location or machine with an Internet connection. We have heard about the pros, now what about the cons? Most VPS hosting plans are unmanaged. So despite how it attempts to make website management easy, you need a certain level of knowledge to keep your site operational. The responsibility of software upgrades and maintenance also fall on your shoulders.