VPS Windows 2008

A Virtual Private Server or VPS is highly reliable and efficient yet simple enough for the average person to use. Apart from taking care of your website’s operational side, a VPS can cover your POP or email needs, invoicing data, FOREX transactions, stock monitoring and so much more. Small to medium business are finding website management solutions in Windows VPS providers because of the general public familiarity with Windows. Knowing how to utilize and operate a Windows OS makes it easier to migrate data, information and programs to a Windows-based virtual server and even easier handle the tasks of administration and maintenance. Overall a hosting VPS Windows solution is a great choice for any small to medium sized business. Windows VPS hosting supports commonly used programs such as MS SQL and ASP.net. It also comes in customized monthly plans that can serve the needs of any website regardless of size. The ease of use associated with Windows is why people opt for Windows VPS more than other operating systems available at the moment like Linux CentOS or Debian.

Stability & Reliability

Windows has a good reputation of continually reinventing itself. System upgrades and newer OS versions tell consumers that there is a good future in store as improvements keep on coming. Windows 2008 is the latest OS for servers. Because Windows Server 2008 VPS is one of the newest it has tweaks that make it perform faster than a Windows 2003 VPS. While a lot of people are familiar with Windows 2003, Windows 2008 offers new technologies in the field of virtualization tools, security features and website services. These improvements allow for seamless integration to any company’s website and business needs. It is no wonder why Windows 2008-based VPS are as popular as they are.

Upgrades in Windows 2008 Hosting

Windows server 2008 VPS is considered the much-awaited successor of Windows VPS 2003. The main difference between the two OS’s is a better hardware control system featured in the 2008 version. As a result, you can utilize new web tools, better security policies and better management of utilities and apps. Here are some more reasons why virtual server hosting Windows 2008 makes a good choice for your hosting solution:
  • Windows 2008 VPS Hosting features better file transfer, ease of use of web-based applications and simpler troubleshooting. Technical jargon aside, Windows 2008 offers users better security and more peace of mind.
  • Windows 2008 VPS has more user-friendly programs that allow for a better experience in remote desktop applications. You can access your VPS from a desktop, a laptop, a tablet or a smart phone. The possibilities are endless.
  • Windows 2008 VPS uses an improved Internet Information Services or IIS, as compared to other operating systems. IIS is an application that supports HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, NNTP and certain editions of Windows.
  • Windows 2008 VPS is compatible for users on Windows 7, which is commonly used by most PCs. This means that more people can enjoy your website.

Why Consider Upgrading?

One of the highlights of Windows VPS is improved remote access. Remote access is an extremely useful and helpful tool for any business owner who needs to keep tabs on his website while on the go. Remote desktop lets users to access their Windows VPS anywhere in the world – as long as there is an Internet connection. Remote access is only a part of the versatility in every Windows 2008 VPS package. If you are hesitant to change your operating system, check with your provider. Some companies do not offer lock-in periods, so chances are that you can switch back to your preferred OS should things not work out. Be warned though, upgrades to newer OS’s can be a learning experience. During the learning process, there will be times when you need to step out of your comfort zone to explore the upgrades each new OS offers. It should be noted, before you make the switch, check user reviews for Windows 2008 virtual servers to help you decide if upgrading is your cup of tea. In closing, Windows 2008 VPS is a good choice for business professionals looking for control and flexibility.