Hosting VPS Windows

Hosting VPS Windows

VPS or Virtual Private Server has become a business solution for many. Instead of maintaining a personal server, a user can share a virtual server with many users at a fraction of the cost. How it works is that several users share one server, and the cost is broken down from there. But even if the service is shared, the quality provided is at par with a dedicated server. VPS hosting plans have become efficient in offering options such as RAM, disk space, file transfer, and the like, and is continuing to meet the needs of thousands of users all over the world. Here is an analogy to help us out. Think of it as a mobile network provider, where many users share the same airtime. Yet they are distinct in that each person has a different mobile number, and his mobile transactions are kept separate from other users on the network. Everyone can access the network from their mobile phones. They can make calls and download data without interrupting other people’s services.

Choosing an Operating System

If you use a computer, then you have interacted with its operating system. The most popular operating system is Windows. It is easy to use, it supports a lot of applications and people are used to it. So when it comes to choosing a VPS, most prefer to tread on familiar grounds. And in this case, the option of choice is Windows VPS. Some companies offer private servers that run on operating systems like Linux or Unix. These two might be good choices however they prove to be too much for the common user due to the amount of technical knowledge you need to operate them properly. That is why more people are putting their bet on Windows virtual servers.

The Advantages of Using Windows VPS

If you think in terms of familiarity, then using Windows VPS has many advantages. Chances are that most people are familiar with navigating through Windows, so using a Windows 2003 VPS, VPS Windows 2008, Windows 7 VPS, or Windows XP VPS will come naturally. Apart from these, here are more advantages that show why many Windows VPS hosting review sites recommend Windows VPS over Linux VPS.
  • Ease of use. A Windows VPS is a good choice for users at different skill levels. Whether the user is a beginner or an experienced website manager, Windows VPS will prove to be functional and efficient.
  • If you are building a website using Microsoft front page, .net or visual basic, Windows VSP hosting is compatible to the language. On the other side of the spectrum, Linux or Unix hosting will not be able to read this language.
  • Most websites make a database available to users at any given time. If the database is Microsoft Access-based, then you can enjoy seamless integration of the database into the website.
  • Active Server Pages or .asp is a popular scripting language supported by Windows. Other operating systems do not support it.
  • If you plan to use more Windows-based applications on your site for future development, then Windows VPS hosting is the way to go. You can ensure that applications run smoothly, promising a better user experience for your clients, and yourself.
  • Windows keeps on reinventing itself with upgrades and new versions. That is a clear and positive sign that it is a growing and developing operating system. Also, the system upgrades will help your website function better and assist in its overall maintenance.

Finding the Best Windows VPS hosting

VPS services are offered by a number of companies. There are many choices out there. Just a simple search about VPS will bring about many results that feature their own advantages. A company looking for the best monthly plan should take the time to go through Windows VPS hosting reviews to see which company can best cater to their needs. For topline features, first take a look at the guarantees. Does the company guarantee their server’s uptime? Is there twenty-four seven monitoring and management? Are there set-up fees? How about lock-in periods? These are just a few basics questions to ask before signing up for a service. And then go into the details. Check the operating system, RAM, disk space, and Windows hosting features such as remote desktop access, complementary back-ups and what applications come free with your preferred monthly plan. While we live in the digital age where everything can be found online, you will be surprised with how much more valuable information you can uncover by getting on the phone and speaking with an actual person.