Cheap VPS Windows

Years ago, owning a private and dedicated server translated to huge overhead costs and large resource requirements. Not only did you have to pay for software, hardware, server maintenance costs, electricity and internet connection, you also had to pay for another expensive resource — the salary of one or two skilled IT professionals who would manage your website and server for you. Yet despite the costs involved, there was a time when a dedicated server was a necessity. All of its costs can be rationalized, especially if a website is the main artery of a business such as online shops, data listings, large businesses and multinational companies. After a few years, the trend shifted. Small businesses could now run websites without owning a private server. Shared hosting plans, wherein more than one company would share the space of server, became vogue. While they were able to save on the cost, the setback was that companies did not full control of their websites. Thankfully, running a website today has become cheaper and more efficient than it was a few years back. Today, companies have the option of outsourcing a web server that is just as reliable as having your own private server, sans the costs involved. More and more people are seeing cheap Windows VPS hosting as a solution to their server needs.

What is Windows VPS hosting?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. Instead of operating your own server, VPS’s allows you to hire a company which enables you to share the costs of a web server with other website owners. A VPS gives you total control over your website and the applications that it runs. Various companies offer VPS plans that run on different operating systems. There is Windows, Unix and Linux. Let us discuss the latter two. While efficient, Unix and Linux are more complex and require a firm understanding of the system. On the other hand, Windows has become the more popular choice when it comes to operating systems. Most Windows VPS hosting plans offer shared servers and even a cheap Windows dedicated server that are both equally efficient and affordable. If you are used to utilizing the Windows OS, chances are high that you have built your website’s foundations on Microsoft applications or programs. The great thing about Windows VPS is that it seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Front Page, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Access, MySQL and other programs commonly used in building websites.

Cheap VPS Windows

Expenses and overhead costs all boil down to priorities. If you were a travelling salesman, then gas expenses would comprise a large chunk of the monthly budget. If you were a fitness expert, then sports equipment would be a large part of your monthly finances. For websites, maybe an unmetered Windows VPS service is what you are looking for or maybe you are in need of high quantities of RAM to run video heavy applications. Whatever your need, make sure your the money you spend on your VPS solution meets your company needs in the end. For start-ups and small business operating websites, site maintenance is a necessary monthly/yearly expense. But with so many choices for cheap VPS hosting, operating an efficient, functional and reliable website does not have to be heavy on the pocket. Plans have become so affordable that there is really no point in considering free Windows VPS. The best Windows VPS solutions come at affordable plans ranging from $20 – $45. They offer the fundamentals of website privacy, security and root access. Even better, VPS’s guarantee bandwidth, memory, disk space and other additional features like server monitoring and in some cases, 24/7/365 customer support.

Windows VPS Reviews

The reviews are in and there is a lot to be said about different companies offering cheap VPS Windows. For $29.50 per month, Solar VPS is an excellent option to consider are good options to consider. Solar VPS offers full customization of resources, multiple Windows OS’s, both managed and unmanaged VPS hosting and a myriad of excellent virtual private server add-ons like website uptime monitoring and SolarSystem A.I. one-click install of over 260 Cloud Apps. For small and medium business, Solar VPS offers great web hosting solutions at a very reasonable monthly/yearly spend. With Solar VPS, not only are you able to easily afford excellent year round web hosting solutions for your small to medium sized business, you can also comfortably utilize your web hosting solution via our Windows OS’s of choice – Windows 2008 R2 64 bit and Windows Server 2012 64 bit. With the cheapest Windows VPS options at similar price points and add-ons, the best move is to do your research. Always check if a VPS provider can deliver what you need and if they offer support in the area where you reside. Lastly, before you buy Windows VPS solutions, make sure the you are paying for what you need and not overpaying for a solution which does not fit your company goals.