Buy Windows VPS

Buy Windows VPS

Every person who is on the lookout for a cheap Windows VPS solution needs to find a reliable and efficient provider. You want a company that can always have your website online twenty-four seven with little to no downtime. A reliable connection, monitoring, maintenance, features, options and customer care are also a must to check in every VPS plan. A Windows OS VPS should also meet your data needs. It should be able to support the traffic on your website and the apps that you run. Most of all, it should offer a virtual environment you’re used to. Since Windows is one of the most commonly used OS’s on the market, investing in a Windows VPS solution, allowing you to operate your website with ease and great function, is a good idea.

Why Choose a Windows VPS?

Using a Windows OS VPS has its advantages especially when you need to run applications that need a Windows 7, Windows 2003 or a Windows 2008 server. A server that runs these OS will ensure that applications run smoothly, giving your customers the best service you can provide. Ease of use spells a world of difference when you are speaking about running a website. For newbies, a virtual environment offered by the three aforementioned servers offer solace in familiarity. Navigating around your Windows VPS will be less difficult than a Linux VPS OS’s (Ex. CentOS) for the simple reason that Windows is already ingrained in your computing experience. If you use programs like, Microsoft Office and Microsoft Front Page then getting used to a Windows VPS will be a cinch. Windows fully supports Microsoft programs, whereas other operating systems such as UNIX or LINUX will not.

Decision Points

The decision to buy Windows VPS is very important. Here are some more things to consider when choosing a cheap VPS Windows solution for your business. Remember that there are many Windows VPS reviews out there, but a solid understanding of basics will help you finalize a decision when the competition seems tight:
  • Operating System. As discussed earlier, it is easier to navigate an Operating System that you are familiar with. In this case, Windows is an OS used by many and known to many.
  • Hard Drive Space. A VPS should make data space available for you to store information on your website. Anywhere from thirty to five hundred GB of space is something to look for.
  • Monthly Bandwidth. Consider bandwidth if you are expecting a lot of traffic on a website. The more bandwidth is available, the better you can guarantee reliable speed for your customers. For businesses which have heavy website traffic it might be good to invest in anunmetered Windows VPS. In exchange for a higher monthly fee, your company gets unlimited bandwidth without being charged monthly overages. For companies that rely heavily on their website for sales, unmetered VPS is a good solution.
  • RAM. Check the RAM that will be provided. More RAM means that your server can handle more applications and can run those applications at a higher rate of function.There are a lot of start-up app companies who rely on a good amount of RAM to get their applications running. RAM upgrades should always be considered before finalizing and settling for a Windows VPS plan.
  • Other Features. Look for add-ons like full remote desktop access, Plesk control panel, the number of dedicated IPs, uptime guarantee, database support and twenty-four hour monitoring and maintenance. All of these add-ons will make your hosting experience more enjoyable and successful.

Free Windows VPS Solutions?

With numerous Windows VPS providers on the market all claiming they have they best Windows VPS service, some offer their customers an option toget free VPS solutions. Just like any service, this will have its pros and cons.

Benefits of Free VPS:

  • Did we say that it was free? If you were running a personal website or just starting out, having a service that was absolutely free sounds like a great idea.
  • For a start-up you can have as many servers that you need. With the service being free, as a growing business you can add or delete as many servers as you need.

Disadvantages of Free VPS:

  • Free VPS might be an option for start-ups, but not when you have grown your site and your database. Free services cannot guarantee security and full persistent operation. As a business who serves a growing customer need, the last thing your business needs is a major security hack or a day or two of website downtime.
  • Free VPS cannot be accountable for monitoring, maintenance, uptime and other factors that are important in running an efficient website. Complaints and faulty service have no outlet with a free solution. As such, unless you know how to fix specific IT issues, a free service might cause you more problems than they solve.
All in all, Windows VPS hosting is a good idea. Clearly, the pros in obtaining a VPS plan outweigh the cons. It is simple, affordable and efficient—just what every small to medium business website needs.