Buy VPS Windows

Buy VPS Windows

Many small businesses and start-up companies are opting to buy Windows VPS hosting services rather than investing in their own dedicated server. Windows VPS gives companies the time to focus on their site’s content, function, number of hits and general incoming website traffic. Since a Windows VPS solution takes care of the software and hardware requirements of running a website, it means businesses all around the world can get back to doing business. While other small companies may opt to get free VPS, doing so has distinct disadvantages. First, there is no accountability in free services. As such if you are dissatisfied with the VPS hosting your provider is supplying you with, tough luck. Moreover with a free VPS solution companies expose their websites to numerous spam ads compromising overall site security. In a nutshell, you get what you pay for and with free VPS hosting, you get more headaches than benefits.

Finding Cheap Windows VPS

When it comes to cheap Windows VPS, the words “cheap” and “Windows” are rarely seen in once sentence. Either you find a cheap VPS running another operating system or a pricier Windows VPS where you have to pay for a VPS license. If you manage to find both in one solution, consider yourself lucky. A cheap Windows VPS is not a separate dedicated server. It is a server that holds virtual servers of many clients. For business owners or private consumers in need of a personal server, Windows VPS can handle big amounts of information their website utilizes. Gone are the days when you have to settle for shared hosting, or extend a budget just to accommodate a private server. In the information age, a cheap Windows VPS plan is waiting around the corner. It gets the job done without having to empty the bank. So, in terms of VPS hosting, what does “cheap” mean? In general a Windows VPS solution will run you anywhere from $20 – $40 per month. For as crucial a service as a website is in todays internet-centric economic world, $20 per month (or roughly $1.50 per day) is a small price to pay for business success.

What to look for when you buy Windows VPS

If you’re looking to get Windows VPS hosting, then chances are that you have already gone through countless Windows VPS review articles. Nonetheless, here is a short list of things to watch for.
  • A dedicated IP address. Even if many clients are using the same server, you should find a provider that will give you a dedicated IP address. Some companies can give the same IP address to more than one user. This is like sharing a cellphone number with someone you do not know. In doing so, you compromise your website’s security. Windows VPS hosting, depending on the type of plan, will guarantee at least one IP address. Some companies might even offer two to four IP addresses depending on your need.
  • Root access. With root access, you get administrative rights to your website allowing you to make any changes you see fit. With root access you can control all the details of your website.
  • Remote Desktop ConnectionWith a Windows-based VPS, you will need remote desktop connection with administrator access. Remote desktop access should be provided by your plan. Once you have administrator access make sure that you secure your login details by backing them up in a place where no one can find them.
  • User support. Since you will be paying a monthly fee for VPS hosting services, then you should expect a level of service to be provided to you. There should be someone on the other end to answer an email or a phone call when you have questions with your service. Technical support is a must in every VPS plan. If you would like to take it a bit further, you can opt for a managed or fully managed VPS plan that will give an IT professional dedicated to the operational side of your website.
  • List of features. Upgrade and downgrade options, unmetered Windows VPS and bandwidth are just some of the options to look for when you buy VPS Windows solutions. Look for a company that has the flexibility to meet your changing needs.
  • Price.Like any commodity, companies within the hosting industry all have similar price points. Some companies have higher prices and some have lower prices. When you decide on what solution to purchase, your choice should be based off not only the price of the services but how much you get for that monthly fee. Remember to use all the decision points discussed in this article and choose a Windows VPS service that is right for you.