Why Solar VPS?More than 10,000 Companies Have Already Gone Solar

Unrivaled Customer Care

The Solar VPS team is customer-centric: we believe immediate access to an intelligent, experienced and courteous support team — any time, day or night — is essential to the Web hosting experience.

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Unparalleled Control

With the launch of the SolarSystem, Solar VPS clients get high availability DNS, uptime monitoring from three locations, on demand VM creation and access to a wide selection of OS templates.

About Your SolarSystem

SolarRay Monitoring

SolarRay is the Solar VPS solution to protracted, unexpected downtime — the leading cause of stress for website operators. It’s secure, it’s accurate, and it’s exclusive to the Solar System.

Save your sanity with SolarRay


Total Control with the SolarSystem

Manage DNS, monitor your website’s uptime, access your account and billing information, create VMs on demand and choose from a wide selection of OS templates…only with the SolarSystem!

Expert 24/7/365 Support

Every hour of every day, we provide the best hosting experience available. But just don’t take our word for it. Ask our clients.

High Performance Cloud Storage

Solar VPS uses FortressITX SAN storage technology to provide outstanding performance.

SolarRay Monitoring

The sun has rays and so do we! Find out more.

100% Uptime Guarantee

Our redundant 10Gbit network, built from top of the line hardware, delivers impeccable, uninterrupted performance.

Choice of Control Panels

Choose from two popular options: Plesk or cPanel.

Unlimited Accounts and Domains

The SolarSystem is massive yet truly secure. We don’t limit the number of accounts or domains you can have on your VM.

We Own the Datacenter

Unlike many providers, we have our own facilities. Because we’ve centralized and streamlined our processes, the instant there’s a problem, our techs are onsite, finding a solution right away. Many other hosts work offsite. That can make for slow repairs…and very slow service on your end too.

Wide Selection of OS Templates

Choose from a vast offering of Linux and Windows distros; including templates for popular scripts like Drupal, Joomla and WordPress. The possibilities are practically limitless!

We’re Growing

Solar VPS is constantly expanding our horizons and encompassing even more features. Check our blog for up-to-the-minute news and information about our responsible growth and conscientious upgrades.

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