VPS Plan

VPS Plan

What is your VPS plan of choice? Are you looking to utilize a managed virtual private server hosting solution? Are you in need of a Cloud hosting service which offers VPS tutorials on their solution? Or maybe you need a VPS plan which allows your virtual server hosting to be fully customizable down to the amount of resources you need (Bandwidth, Disk Space, RAM, CPU Cores & IP Addresses)? Well, if that is the case, the SolarSystem in the place for you.

Virtual Server Hosting with Solar VPS

Here is the thing, we know you have read a ton of self-made VPS reviews all clearly written by an interested party. To spare you the pain of reading another one touting how great a solution we have, instead we are going to talk about a few different elements of the SolarSystem. First: VPS Cost. Here at Solar VPS we believe your Windows VPS plans and your Linux VPS plans should empower your wallet and your web hosting needs. Due to this, unlike other companies offering Microsoft virtual server hosting, we designed our SolarSystem to bring you peace of mind through price and performance. Our pricing structure: $17.50 per month for a base Linux VPS and $29.50 per month for a base Windows VPS. No gimmicks. No red tape. $17.50 and $29.50 per month. Pretty good VPS cost if you ask us. Second: VPS Servers available to you. Our VPS servers are fueled by both Linux virtual private servers and Windows virtual private servers. On these, our Linux Cloud Hosting solutions allow our consumers to choose from a myriad of the most technologically advanced operating systems – Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, Gentoo and Fedora – all 32 & 64 bit. As for our Windows VPS plans, we offer our clients Windows 2008 R2 – 64 bit because we believe R2 is the best VPS OS for your Windows solution. Secondly, the SolarSystem comes in both managed VPS servers and unmanaged VPS servers. The choice is yours. You want to utilize our managed virtual private server solution called Mission Control? Cool with us. Or maybe you want to go at it alone with an unmanaged virtual private server hosting plan? That is cool with us also. The choice is yours. Third: Virtual Machine (VM) Add-Ons. Our virtual machines (VM) offer you some solid add-ons to your base package. Those add-ons include VPS Hosting Website Uptime Monitoring, Email Hosting, Softaculous Script Auto-Installer, VPS server Plesk control panel, virtual private server cPanel control panel and one-click installs for over 260 applications which you can utilize for your virtual server hosting needs. Fourth: Virtual Private Server Web Hosting Tutorials. We understand that IT might not be your day job. We understand that you utilize Cloud Hosting virtual private servers to make money off your ecommerce website selling high end spirits and wines. Whatever the case, due to this, we make it easy for you to master your SolarSystem Cloud server by providing VPS tutorials in the form of SolarSystem camtasia videos. These videos, an ever growing library, will walk you through everything from rebooting your VPS, to adding a billing contact to your host VPS, to monitoring your website downtime via a one-click VPS hosting portal. Whether you are utilizing our managed VPS servers or are on a the most basic SolarSystem VPS hosting plan, our SolarSystem tutorials will have you master VPS hosting in no time flat. Fifth: Information. Part of becoming a SolarSystem host VPS master is understanding and learning everything there is to know about Cloud hosting. This includes getting a crash course via immersion in virtuozzo VPS hosting, VPS hosting cPanel plans and learning everything there is to know about Cloud hosting. We provide this information so you can reply confidently to your clients “What is a Virtual Server?” or, “What is a VPS?” questions.

The Bottom Line in Cloud Hosting

With this, we hope you can now confidently answer what your VPS plan of choice is. Through explaining the SolarSystem, instead of telling you our solution is the greatest thing since sliced bread, we hope you have a better understanding of your VPS hosting needs and have enough information at hand to confidently purchase your Cloud Hosting VPS plan.