Virtual Server Hosting

Virtual Server Hosting

When you think about virtual server hosting, what comes to mind? Does the terms “Amazon virtual server hosting” or “Microsoft virtual server” come to mind? Maybe what comes to mind is the hottest IT term on the block, Cloud Hosting or Cloud Computing? Whatever comes to mind, instead of simply telling explaining to you “what is a VPS?” or why you should or shouldn’t utilize managed virtual private server hosting, we are going to take this time to chat a little bit about the difference between virtual private server web hosting and dedicated server hosting. First things first, let’s take a look at dedicated server hosting.

What is Dedicated Server Hosting?

When thinking about the different types of web hosting currently available on the market, dedicated server hosting is the older, bigger brother of virtual server hosting. Dedicated servers, as the name suggest, is a solution which offers clients the full resources of an entire server. By utilizing an entire server as opposed to a VPS server, the end user gains the use of all the resources allotted to the machine. Whether these resources are copious amounts of RAM, Bandwidth or Disk Space, a dedicated server offers end users vast amounts of resources at a higher cost. Due to this, the majority of dedicated server users are individuals who need to utilize their own dedicated resources and companies looking for a higher resource allotment without a care for costs. The downside of a dedicated server is simple: unlike a VPS plan hosted on a virtual machine, with a dedicated server you are buying the entire server thus, your resources are constant and unable to be scaled. With a dedicated server solution you are stuck with your purchased resources and the only way to add resources is to purchase another dedicated server. The Bottom Line: With dedicated servers you get a powerhouse of resources at the price of killing scalability and mobility.

What is A Virtual Server?

A virtual server, a virtual private server, is a slice of a server. If you were to think about web hosting in terms of purchasing a pie, when you purchase dedicated server hosting, you buy the entire pie. Regardless of how you use the space and resources, the entire pie is yours. With virtual private servers (VPS Hosting) you buy a slice of that pie. When you purchase a VPS plan, you purchase a slice of an entire server. On this slice you have your allotted resources and can use them anyway you wish. Moreover, being that you only purchased a slice, you can scale your piece of the pie accordingly. If you need more resources, you use and pay for this resources. Conversely, if you need fewer resources for your VPS hosting, you use less and pay less. It’s that simple. Now the downside of virtual private server hosting is, unlike dedicated server hosting, your resources aren’t as powerful. You can scale but your full resources potential won’t be as great.

What VPS Plan is for You?

As VPS plans go, you can choose to utilize a managed VPS server or an unmanaged VPS server. The choice is yours. The simple break down of a managed VPS server vs. an unmanaged VPS server is with a managed host VPS, when something breaks, you have a team of IT engineers working to resolve the issue. Conversely when you utilize an unmanaged Windows virtual server hosting platform or an unmanaged Linux virtual server hosting platform, when something breaks with your virtual server, you are tasked with fixing it. Luckily, many providers like Solar VPS, provide their/our clients with a bevy of VPS tutorials designed as an end user how to guide. Something breaks and you need to reboot your server or check your website downtime from a location halfway across the country? By all means, Solar VPS allows for just that.

What Server Plan is Right For You?

We aren’t going to sit here and tell you what server plan is right for you. If you choose to go with dedicated server hosting, we recommend you pick DedicatedNOW, and if you choose to utilize virtual private server hosting we recommend you pick our internally developed solution, the SolarSystem. All we can really say is whatever you do, choose wisely and please, at all costs avoid free virtual server hosting. If you select it by reading a slanted virtual server hosting comparison blog, you will be sorry.