Managed Virtual Private Server

Managed Virtual Private Server

So you’re on the hunt for an excellent VPS plan to match your Cloud Hosting needs? You have spent a ton of time researching the question, “What is a VPS?”, finding out the differences associated with dedicated server vs. VPS and taking a ton of online free VPS tutorials to get you better acquainted with virtual server hosting. All your research has led you to knowing your resource needs, knowing your OS needs (Linux Virtual Private Server Hosting or Windows Virtual Private Server Hosting) and knowing that although you love everything Cloud, to make your web hosting solution really come to life, you need a managed virtual private server. Well, no worries. You have come to the right place. In our SolarSystem, you’ll find what you seek.

Managed Virtual Private Server Hosting with Solar VPS

Maybe you’re a busy exec who doesn’t have time to be tinkering around with your Cloud Hosting solution or maybe you simply don’t want to be bothered when a Cloud issue rears its ugly head. Whatever the reason, you have decided to purchase a managed virtual private server hosting plan as opposed to an unmanaged option. So, what do you get with a managed virtual private server hosting plan with Solar VPS? Our managed Cloud hosting solution, called Mission Control, supplies you with the following:
  • Maintenance & Troubleshooting of any industry standard services running on a single Cloud VPS (ex. Apache/llS, PHP/.Net, Exim/Postfix, DNS & Email)
  • Migrations from any compatible control panel to a supported control panel
  • Assistance identifying the local account of any abuse/compromise related issues
  • Data Migration from any failed or replaced hardware
Our Mission Control is available for CentOS 5.8 & 6.3, Windows 2008 R2 – 64 bit and OS’s with cPanel and Plesk. Our price: $35 per month per Cloud VPS at a minimum term of 3 months. All in all, you have to admit, as VPS plans go, you will have a hard time finding the same Mission Control advancements by utilizing other solutions like Microsoft virtual server hosting, Amazon virtual private servers or GoDaddy virtual private server services.

What About Your Other Virtual Private Server Web Hosting Services?

We get it, you are interested in managed Cloud hosting yet you know managed VPS solutions alone, like Misson Control, isn’t enough. Due to this our virtual private server web hosting solution, the SolarSystem, gives our clients multiple OS options, a variety of add-ons like Email Hosting, Website Uptime Monitoring Solutions, One-Click Application Installs, multiple VPS control panels (cPanel & Plesk) and Softaculous script auto-installer. Just try getting all this with a GoDaddy virtual private server, an Amazon virtual private server or a DreamHost virtual private server – it won’t happen. Add to this Solar VPS offers clients 24/7/365 80/20 customer support (80% of the time you will deal with the same IT engineer), comprehensive FAQ sections including virtual private server wiki’s filled with camtasia how to tutorials and complete DNS (Domain Name) control and you are only slightly scratching the surface of the SolarSystem. So, if you are looking for a competent and outstanding managed virtual private server hosting solution, the SolarSystem is for you. Invest in Mission Control within the SolarSystem store.