What is VPS?

What is VPS?

What is VPS? What is a virtual private server? Well, in today’s Cloud Computing (i.e. Cloud Hosting) market, you probably know VPS by its more common, yet more elusively defined term, the Cloud. Whether you choose to utilize a managed virtual private server or an unmanaged virtual private server, in today’s terminology your VPS usage equates to you being part of the Cloud. But pretty words aside, what is VPS web hosting?

What is VPS Cloud Hosting?

VPS Cloud Hosting is the process by which end users utilize virtual machines (VM’s) to host their web hosting solutions and infrastructures. Instead of using a dedicated server – a dedicated machine – a VPS allows you to utilize slices of a VM to host your web hosting specifications. In that slice, that portion of the overall VM, you are supplied with a certain amount of RAM, Disk Space, Bandwidth, CPU Cores and IP addresses. With certain providers – Solar VPS being one – you get to specify the amount of aforementioned resources you need for your virtual private server web hosting. Beyond resources, a great web hosting provider like Solar VPS provides you with your choice of Linux VPS Cloud Hosting and Windows VPS Cloud Hosting – again, both managed virtual private server hosting or unmanaged VPS hosting. Once you purchase our services, to help you become integrated with our SolarSystem, we supply you with a myriad of VPS tutorials, FAQ’s and “how to’s” all designed to make your transition into the SolarSystem as easily as possible. However it should be said, if you are not the type to customize your VPS plan, no worries, the Solar VPS SolarSystem is currently in the process of supplying pre-packed virtual server hosting – Windows VPS & Linux VPS – plans specifically designed to allow our end user to maximize their needs via different allocation specifications. Those varying packages, although they do not quality as free VPS, you could qualify them as cheap VPS hosting in the sense that our current Linux virtual server hosting plans begin at $17.50 per month and our Windows VPS hosting plans begin at $29.50. It goes without saying but you will have a hard time finding the same price structure and resources utilizing Microsoft virtual server hosting or Amazing Cloud Hosting solutions.

The Bottom Line in VPS Solutions

The truth is when shopping around for a consistent, price effective and resource rich VPS plan, there are many options floating around the web. If we told you Solar VPS is the only service currently available on the market which offers virtual private server Cloud Hosting, we would be lying. However we can confidently say Solar VPS is the only solution on the market which is working to make your VPS work for you. We say this because when you look around the web hosting market, too many providers operate under the assumption that rigid price structures and resource allocation designed to make money for themselves is the only way to operate. We can confidently say, Solar VPS is the only Cloud hosting company on the market who is working to make your Cloud hosting solution work better for your bottom dollar, your productivity and your enjoyment. So by all means, feel free to search the inter webs to get a more fleshed out answer to, “what is VPS service?” or read into the growing VPS vision of Google and Amazon, we promise you when compared with Solar VPS, our SolarSystem will be your VPS key to web hosting dominance.