Virtual Web Server

Virtual Web Server

Here at Solar VPS we are in the business of providing you with the top virtual private server hosting solutions in the Cloud hosting industry. Providing both managed virtual server hosting plans and unmanaged virtual private server hosting solutions, Solar VPS proudly offers our customers industry leading VPS solutions to run their web hosting empire.

Solar VPS OS Templates

We know everyone in the Universe isn’t a Windows person. We also know everyone in the Universe isn’t specifically a Linux person. Due to this, we proudly offer virtual VPS’s with both Linux and Windows OS templates. Concerning our Linux OS options, Solar VPS offers our clients Fedora, Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian and Gentoo. All of our Linux VPS OS templates come in the most updated version of the software and all come in your choice of 32 or 64 bit. Due to these OS choices, you can be assured your virtual web site, virtual file server, virtual web browser and your virtual application server will operate as you wish. Regarding our Windows VPS OS templates Solar VPS proudly offers our clients Windows 2008 R2 64 bit. Unlike our Linux OS templates, which as you can see are numerous, we offer Windows 2008 R2 64 bit because we believe it is the single best OS to operate your Windows VPS. The OS allows for the best virtual machine web server. It goes without saying, but your managed virtual server option, Mission Control, is available for both Linux and Windows OS templates.

VPS Resource Customization

Maybe you don’t need all the bandwidth in the world or maybe you need more CPU cores and less IP addresses. Unlike other virtual web server solutions and Internet web server hosting plans, Solar VPS proudly offers our clients the ability to fully customize their resource needs. Be it bandwidth, CPU cores, the amount of IP addresses, how much Disk Space or memory, Solar VPS allows you to fully customize your resource allocation. We do this because we know your virtual office web server and your virtual machine web server might need different resources.

Virtual VPS Additions

By utilizing our top virtual private server hosting plans, not only do you get your choice of OS templates, you also get your choice of excellent OS virtual web server additions. These additions include Email Hosting, Softaculous Auto-script writer, SolarRay Website Uptime Monitoring, Plesk Control Panel, cPanel Control Panel and as previously mentioned, Solar VPS managed virtual server hosting, Mission Control. All these add-ons, aside from Mission Control, are free of charge.

The Bottom Line in Virtual Web Server Hosting

Regardless if you are utilizing Ubuntu virtual web server hosting plans or if you are making the most out of a Windows VPS with 4 CPU cores and the minimum amount of RAM, here at Solar VPS we allow you to pick and choose. We know your needs can’t be prepackaged or predetermined. As such, we give you the choice. To learn more about our Windows Cloud VPS plans or our Linux Cloud VPS plans, follow the link below this posting.