Managed Virtual Server

Managed Virtual Server

Let’s be honest here for a moment. The last thing you are looking for when reading about a managed virtual server solution is a company which openly tells you, “we have the best managed virtual server and virtual VPS solution available on the market today.” It’s just not something you want to hear or read about. Now, while we do firmly believe Solar VPs providers the top virtual private server solutions on the market, we are going to take this time to tell you a small story.

Managed Virtual Server Hosting in the Real World

Don’t worry, for you, the person who needs someone else to look after your ecommerce website, to maintain its health and install updates/patches as needed, managed virtual server hosting is for you. Forget about the technical details of virtual web server hosting, forget about the operating systems involved and the resources needed, for the uninitiated utilizing managed virtual server hosting is there to lift the IT burden from your shoulders.

Virtual Web Server Hosting with Managed Support

With all the little technical details out of the way, you are now free to go about constructing your ecommerce site. Although a managed server provider like Solar VPS does not offer website design services, we do provide you with the one-click install capabilities to make your ecommerce site possible. Through popular ecommerce templates like Magento, your cart and your check out system will be firmly established. How you get your customers there, the look and the feel of your site, well that it is up to you. But what happens, if after you get your ecommerce site designed, an error occurs. Something happens in the backend of your server and your ecommerce website, although still in its infancy, crashes during peak hours of operation. Don’t fret. With a managed virtual VPS, your hosting company – Solar VPS – looks into the issue and fixes it without you having to lift a finger. It’s that simple. From patches, to OS installs, to data migration, managed VPS hosting with Solar VPS means you don’t have to worry about the tech side of web hosting – we do that for you.

So Why Utilize Managed VPS?

The answer is simple: You utilize managed virtual private server hosting solutions so you can focus on your business. At the end of the day, web hosting for you is just that, web hosting. It is a tool to allow you to get your job done. You want it to work, you want it to not cause any issues and you want it to run behind the scenes without you having to worry about it. By utilizing a managed Linux or Windows virtual private server, you get just that.