What is a Virtual Server?

What is a Virtual Server?

It’s a good question. What is a Virtual Server? To understand modern web hosting, to fully understand Cloud Hosting and Virtual VPS offerings, you have to have a base understanding of virtual servers. Due to this, in this short article we are going to answer that question. So, “What is a Virtual Server?”

Virtual Server Hosting

When you think about virtual web servers, it would be best to think about a piece of the pie. In terms of Cloud Hosting – Virtual Server Hosting – a virtual server is a slice of a pie. If a dedicated server – a piece of web hosting hardware which supplies full resources via the entire machine – then a virtual server is a single slice of that server. With a dedicated server, you utilize the entire server. With virtual private server you utilize a slice of an overall virtual server to meet all your Cloud Computing needs. By using a virtual server environment all of your virtual web server resources – Bandwidth, CPU cores, Disk Space, RAM, IP Address – all operate out of a slice of the overall virtual machine. This is not to mean your virtual VPS is effectively part of someone else’s top virtual private server. Although you are effectively sharing the same virtual machine as other Cloud hosting en users, your slice of the overall pie does not, and more importantly will never, overlay with another end users managed virtual server or unmanaged virtual server.

The Details of Virtual Web Server Hosting

As previously noted, a virtual VPS (Virtual Private Server) is but a slice of the overall server. Beyond the basic facts of what a virtual server is (something which you can easily learn about from multiple online virtual server wiki’s), the more important concept to grasp is what you can utilize a top virtual private server for. With virtual web servers, you have the ability to run a blog, operate a thriving ecommerce website, analyze the traffic coming into a website you manage or run a forum covering all the latest news of the virtual pc, VMWare and VMWare server world.

The Bottom Line in Virtual Server Tutorials

At the end of the day, although you know now what a virtual server is and what you can use it for, it is up to you go investigate the market for a virtual server solution which works for your personal or professional needs.