VPS Managed Hosting

VPS Managed Hosting

Let’s talk about your hosting needs. To do this, we are going to chat about what type of Cloud hosting end user you are.

Unmanaged VPS Hosting

On a day-to-day basis are you more consumed with business matters than IT matters? On a daily basis do conversion numbers make more sense to you than IP addresses and Linux top line commands? If so, we are going to go out on a limb and say you are not well suited for unmanaged VPS hosting. But why is this? Unmanaged VPS hosting, as opposed to managed server hosting, is all hands off Cloud hosting. It means if there is an issue with your Linux or Windows Virtual Private Server, you fix it. It means if you need to patch an error on your server or migrate some data between VPS control panels, the job is up to you. Unmanaged Cloud Hosting means you are in charge of your VPS – no matter what happens. Unmanaged virtual private server solutions means you are fully in charge of your VPS and no one is going to help you when you come to an issue. In short, if you are an IT professional, if you are someone who was raised on Linux command prompts and controlling Windows through DOS, an unmanaged server might be for you. If you are the type of person who loves fixing IT issues and takes pride in fully managing all your hosting needs, well, unmanaged server hosting is for you. However, if this is not you. If you don’t know what a Linux top line command is or understand how to control Windows via DOS commands, managed VPS is for you.

VPS Managed Hosting

VPS managed hosting is everything unmanaged virtual private server isn’t. It means if you have an issue with your Cloud hosting service, a team of dedicated IT professionals who understand VPS security is there to help. Utilizing a fully managed VPS means all the patches, fixes, changes, migrations and updates you need done to your server are taken care of by a team of dedicated and highly trained IT professionals. In essence VPS managed hosting allows you to get on with your day without worrying about all the possible technical issues which might arise from your Cloud hosting solution of choice. With the given information, how do you find the best fully managed virtual servers? Well, a managed VPS hosting review forum of course.

Finding The Top VPS Hosting Providers

To find the best managed VPS hosting plan to suit your needs, there are a ton of different hosting forums online which will provide you with all the information you need to know about Cloud hosting. From the perfect amount of resource allocations, to the perfect price point for your solution, to the best technical support hosting provider and the worst unmanaged VPS solution, online Cloud computing hosting forums like Sitepoint, Web Hosting Madness and the Web Hosting Review will supply you with all the information you need. Best of all, these forums are free and give you access to years of personal web hosting experience stated (and sometimes griped about) by long time web hosting end users. All in all, learning everything you can about managed web hosting via managed VPS hosting review forums is a great idea before you jump into the Cloud hosting market.

The Bottom Line in Managed VPS Hosting Plans

At the end of the day, your hosting solution of choice, be it UK managed VPS or domestic unmanaged VPS, will be determined by your needs, your goals and your IT capabilities. But don’t worried, whether you choose a managed virtual private server or an unmanaged virtual private server, Solar VPS is here to suit all your Cloud hosting needs. To learn about our Unmanaged Hosting Solutions, click here. To learn about our Managed Hosting Solutions, click here.