Solar VPS Unmanaged VPS Hosting

Solar VPS Unmanaged VPS Hosting

When you think about unmanaged VPS hosting, what comes to mind? For most people, terms like cheapest VPS, cheap VPS hosting plans and VPS security comes to mind. Well, although terms like cheap VPS server hosting plans come to mind, utilizing an unmanaged VPS hosting plan is the IT professionals avenue for Cloud Hosting.

Unmanaged VPS Hosting vs. Managed VPS Hosting

In terms of the differences between unmanaged VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting and what some call premium VPS hosting (managed server hosting), the difference is pretty simple. With a managed plan, you pay for a professional IT support for your VPS. If something breaks, if you require a patch or you need to migrate data, paying for a managed server-hosting plan will allow IT professionals to take care of all the aforementioned tasks. On the other hand, an unmanaged VPS solution means you take care of all the aforementioned tasks on your own. An unmanaged VPS also means you take care of everything on your own. With this said, why would you want to utilize unmanaged virtual private server hosting over VPS managed hosting?

Cheap VPS Hosting

It goes without saying but since you are fixing all issues on your own and essentially running your VPS without the assistance of anyone else, you spend less for your Linux or Windows virtual private server (Cloud Hosting) solution. There is a reason why the title of this section is “cheap VPS hosting”. Across the board, unmanaged VPS hosting costs less than managed VPS hosting. For example, Solar VPS unmanaged VPS Hosting starts at $17.50 per month with our Linux OS templates. Conversely, the same Linux managed VPS hosting plans begins at $52.50 per month. The choice is pretty simple. It has to be noted, these price points stick regardless of location. Whether you are using UK unmanaged VPS hosting, UK managed VPS hosting or domestic VPS hosting, price points for unmanaged vs. managed VPS hosting plans will be consistent regardless of location.

SolarSystem Unmanaged Virtual Private Servers

At the end of the day, you need to make the choice. You need to decide if you need an unmanaged or managed VPS solution. You need to decide this by noticing if you have the ability to troubleshoot any issues which might arise and if you have the time to troubleshoot those issues. Whatever you select, know, Solar VPS proudly offers both unmanaged solutions and managed services to suit your Cloud hosting needs.