UK Managed VPS

UK Managed VPS

Solar VPS is based in Weehawken, NJ. Our headquarters are located right outside of the big apple – New York City. We also have SolarSystem nodes in Dallas, Miami, Los Angeles, and (coming first quarter 2013 ) Amsterdam, Netherlands. This is where you come in, our UK managed VPS consumers who are looking for a reliable, consistent and powerful managed VPS solution guaranteeing VPS security.

Best VPS UK Hosting

We know. Here at Solar VPS we know. Even though you are located in London, UK, Glasgow, Scotland or Dublin, Ireland, you still need powerful VPS managed hosting. For you, Solar VPS provides just that. With our mix of custom resource allocation packages, managed server hosting add-ons, VPS security and access to a team of stellar IT engineers, we have your UK managed VPS hosting needs covered.

Custom Resource Allocation Managed VPS

So you’re in the market for a managed VPS. You know you don’t want to deal with the tech issues and you know that you want access to a team of dedicated IT professionals you can contact at 3 AM if any tech issue arises. For you we have excellent managed VPS hosting UK solutions that let you choose your resources. That’s right. You want a managed VPS with 8GB of RAM, 60GB of disk space, 6TB of bandwidth and 3 CPU cores? You got it with Solar VPS managed VPS. However maybe you don’t need all those resources. Maybe you need a basic VPS server UK hosting package. For you, we have that also. For you, the minimum hosting consumer, you can choose a virtual private server with 2GB of RAM, 20GB of disk space, 1TB of bandwidth and a single CPU core. We provide you with the ability to make your VPS server UK the best VPS hosting solution for your needs because we know you don’t need or want cookie cutter VPS solutions.

Best VPS Hosting

But maybe, after you decide on your best VPS UK resource allocation package, you determine that you want to take full control of your VPS server UK solution. Instead of purchasing a UK managed VPS, you decide you wanted an unmanaged VPS hosting solution. Well don’t worry. Solar VPS provides unmanaged VPS hosting for your VPS hosting UK needs. We do this because we know you might not need our help and because we know you might be looking to save some pennies along the way. With unmanaged VPS hosting you save money, have full control of your server and still get all the VPS security needs you would with a managed VPS hosting plan.