Managed VPS

5 Mistakes to Avoid with a Managed VPS Solution

What is managed VPS hosting? In short, managed server hosting is similar to a dedicated server solution, behaving in exactly the same way and offering similar resources – performance and user experience – however a managed VPS is virtual rather than physical. Just like dedicated hosting, managed VPS hosting is offered by a provider who gives full control over the server to the customer, who then has the ability to change configurations and install apps as he or she pleases. For many companies and organizations a VPS is the hosting solution that offers the best performance and price. If you too decide to use VPS hosting, make sure you avoid the following mistakes:

1. Neglecting Your Virtual Server

If by any chance you’re still debating between managed VPS vs. unmanaged VPS, you have to remember with the latter the provider sets up your account, giving you a username, password and IP address. Once these are established, outside of customer service, it is up to the user to look after their solution.

2. Choosing Your Resources Carefully

To cut costs, first-time buyers often choose the lowest hardware configuration possible, i.e. one CPU core instead of two, 2GB RAM instead of 4GB and 500MB of bandwidth instead of 1GB. You don’t have to buy the best managed VPS package in terms of resources, but you don’t want the cheapest either. Balance is crucial. The good thing is with both managed and unmanaged virtual private servers you can usually upgrade resources as you need them.

3. Read a Ton of Managed VPS Hosting Review

The best way to rate a managed or unmanaged VPS provider is by learning what other customers make of it. To learn what the hosting community at large thinks of a solution you utilize or are about to utilize, read independent reviews like those found on Web Hosting Talk or Sitepoint. Reading unbiased reviews will give you an idea about the quality of customer service, which is crucial for managed VPS hosting.

4. VPS Solutions Providers & Datacenters

Good web hosting providers always own their datacenter. Owning a datacenter means your provider is able to provider quicker technical assistance and better security guarantees for your solutions. Solar VPS is proud to own its own datacenter and is thus able to provide a high-quality customer support service.

5. Customer Service is Paramount

When it comes to WordPress managed VPS hosting, or any other kind of hosting involving complex applications, having a provider with a top quality customer support is crucial. Depending on how much control you have over your server, the provider might not have the responsibility to solve all your technical problems, but even then they should be able to help you out with the big problems you encounter. Few fully managed VPS providers can offer an expert, experienced and courteous customer support team. Solar VPS is one of them.


Managed VPS hosting beats unmanaged VPS hosting for most customers, as it enables users to focus on their business rather than waste time with the technicalities of web hosting. That said, to use a virtual private server efficiently, you need to avoid common mistakes like relinquishing administrative responsibilities, sacrificing server performance to cut costs and not reading a managed VPS review before making a purchase. If you need a US or UK managed VPS Hosting solution, consider Solar VPS, which offers a stellar managed VPS Linode service.