Managed Server Hosting

5 Tips When Searching for Managed Server Hosting

A managed dedicated server is for many companies and organizations an investment that provides great value. Managed dedicated server hosting means the provider will handle regular security updates and backups, as well as hardware upgrades, replacement, and monitoring. In other words, you pay for hosting resources and use them as you need them while a team of experts manage your server and take care of all the technical IT work for you. It’s important to choose a solution that is reliable, secure, flexible, easy to manage. To find the best managed server hosting consider the tips below.

1. Determine Your Managed Website Hosting Needs Before Looking for Providers

What are your minimum hardware requirements in terms of CPU, HDD space and memory? What about bandwidth? Will any operating system do or you want a specific one like Windows or Ubuntu? Do you want a physical server or rather a managed virtual private server offered via Cloud hosting? Before choosing your Managed VPS provider, the aforementioned details are all defined aspects you need to know. If you want to migrate from an existing hosting platform, you will most likely know how much memory, disk space, bandwidth and CPU’s you need. However If you’re buying web hosting for the first time, answering the questions above will be a bit more tricky. But a provider like Solar VPS can help you choose the right dedicated server packages for your hosting needs. As a known VPS Managed Hosting provider, the company has a user intuitive interface designed for customers looking to customize their server needs.

2. Always Read Managed Server Hosting Reviews Before Contacting a Provider

When doing research on a managed server hosting provider, always make sure to check independent review sites such as Web Hosting Talk and Sitepoint. Independent review/community forum sites are transparent and will provide you with an objective review of your hosting provider. You have to remember that when it comes to managed hosting the opinions of other customers are crucial. It’s through these independent reviews that you can learn whether the provider is reliable and has a good uptime, a competent technical team, and a fast customer service.

3. Managed Server Provider & Datacenters

Not all hosting companies offering dedicated server hosting actually own their own data center, which usually means they don’t have instant access to the datacenter when they (and you) need it. When your hosting provider owns the datacenter, their tech team is always onsite maintaining the ability to investigate and solve any problem immediately. Onsite tech help prevents downtime resulting from security breaches or hardware and software issues. When you run a public business, your business can’t afford website downtime as it could lead to loss of sales and loss of reputation. As a business investing in managed server hosting, you need a provider like Solar VPS, who offers a 100% uptime guarantee and high quality tech support.

4. Control Your Managed Server

Managed hosting that restricts you to a specific OS or that doesn’t let you create virtual machines as you need should be avoided. When utilizing a provider, you want to have the ability to choose your OS, your hardware configuration, to manage DNS, create VMs, monitor uptime, and access your hosting account. If these options are not open to you, it’s best to look for another company.

5. 24/7 Customer Support

A professional managed website hosting knows the value that an expert support service provides to its customers and thus will maintain one through multiple channels, online and via phone. As already mentioned, hosting providers that own their datacenters usually give the better and the faster customer support, as their engineers are onsite. But it’s hard to tell if a provider’s customer support service is really good until you’ve tried it. That’s why it’s important to read reviews and testimonials from other customers before selecting a provider. Note that if you want application hosting as well, the likelihood that you will need professional assistance regularly increases. Solar VPS has a much-praised customer support team that is knowledgeable, experienced, and courteous. In conclusion, to take full advantage of the power and flexibility of managed web hosting services, you should choose your provider with great care, after a thorough examination of its services and reputation. Buying web hosting is a big investment for any company, and no compromises should be made. The performance of the server must be high, the customer support excellent, the uptime of the server 100%.. Solar VPS offers all the key elements.