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Parallels Plesk Panel is a complete Web hosting control panel that includes integrated Web design tools, a SaaS storefront and fully-automated billing and provisioning. It delivers maximum profits for growing service providers; provides key tools for Web designers; and includes an easy-to-use server control panel for IT pros and small business owners alike.

Plesk Features

Easy-to-Use Fast Reliable Complete

    • Simplified and Customized User Interfaces
    • Power-User Mode
    • Server Health Monitoring
    • Control Panel Improvements
    • Upgradable Apache Configurations
    • Role-Based Access
    • Easier, Faster Upgrades
    • Better Protection Against Source Environment
    • Inconsistencies
    • Ability to Resolve Conflicts on the Fly
    • Database Rollback when Problems Occur
    • Customizable Templates
    • Post-Upgrade Account Transition Assistant
    • Forward-Compatible Lease License Keys
    • Ability to Assign Licenses Key Administrator to IP Addresses
    • Support for Native Packaging Systems
    • Optional Automatically-Updating System Components for CentOS and RHEL
    • Broad Range of Domainand Client Management Capabilities
    • Multilingual Support (English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Dutch)
    • Built-in VPS Support
    • Single Sign-On
    • Improved Security and Performance Through FastCGI and SecureLVE
    • PCI Compliance
    • Improved Password Security
    • Improved VPS Optimization
    • Caching Server Support
    • Migration Without Additional Disk Space
    • Support for Unique Service Plans
    • Support for a Broad Rangeof Third-Party Applications
    • Built-In Auto-Installer and Micro-Update
    • Intuitive and Modern SiteBuilder
    • Multiple FTP Accounts
    • Broad Development Platform Support (Apache Tomcat, Adobe ColdFusion, Ruby on Rails, .NET, and DotNetNuke)
    • Widest Operating System Support
    • Broad Support of Virtualization Technology
    • Direct API Access
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