What is Virtualization Software?

What is Virtualization Software?

What is Virtualization Software? The answer to this question can come in many forms. For some people the answer to “What is virtualization software?” might consist of Xen VPS, or OpenVZ (sometimes called VPS OpenVZ), VMWare, or KVM virtual server software or Virtuozzo VPS software. For us – for Solar VPS – our virtualization software consists of Xen powered VPS software developed, designed and implemented to simplify your web hosting and Cloud hosting needs. For us, virtualization is about empowering our Cloud computing consumers with the best Linux virtual private servers and Windows VPS Cloud pods on the market.

Linux Server Virtualization

Linux server virtualization is very popular. For the people out there who hate Bill Gates, for the people out there who love open source solutions and for the people out there who simply got tired of Windows OS’s crashing every other minute, Linux virtualization software is here to save you. Solar VPS offers Linux virtualized server options with a full resource customization, a wide selection of operating system templates and host of excellent add-ons. Our Linux virtualized server operating systems are:
  • CentOS 5.9 & 6.3
  • Fedora 18
  • Debian 6.0.6
  • Ubuntu 12.10 & 12.04.2 LTS (64 bit)
  • Gentoo 2012.07 32 & 64 bit
All of our Linux virtual server software solutions operate on a Dual Hex Core Intel E5 Series utilizing high performance RAID 10 Cloud storage with 96GB of RAM. All Solar VPS Linux Cloud Service solutions operate on a redundant public and storage connections network. In addition to operating systems and virtualized server hardware, all of the SolarSystem Linux Cloud VPS offerings come with the option for SolarSystem Mission Control through cPanel. SolarSystem Mission control is Solar VPS managed VPS support for clients utilizing cPanel. Our Mission Control gives clients access to a team of dedicated IT professionals who know your Linux server like the back of their hands. From data migrations to ironing out any issues which might arise, SolarSystem Mission Control is the end all, be all of virtual private server managed support for virtualization software Linux.

Windows Virtualization Benefits

Like our Linux cloud computing offering, our Windows Cloud virtual private servers have the best virtualization benefits on the market today. With excellent operating systems – Windows 2008 R2 64 bit and Windows Server 2012 64 bit, SolarSystem Mission Control with Plesk Control Panel and add-ons like SolarRay Website Uptime Monitoring and SolarSystem A.I. (one-click installer of over 260 Cloud Apps), Solar VPS Windows virtual private server solutions are excellent for users who love the confines of Windows OS’s.

SolarSystem Virtualization Technology Pricing

And now it’s time to talk about pricing. Solar VPS actively markets our VPS virtualization technology as “Simple, Powerful and Reliable Cloud Servers.” We market our service with this tag line because that’s exactly what we offer. The SolarSystem is simple to use, empowering, always running open source virtualization software and Microsoft virtualization software. Our price structure is as follows:
  • Linux – $17.50 to $190 per server per month
  • Windows – $29.50 to $195 per server per month
All servers come with full customization of resources. Our full customization includes:
  • Memory – 2GB to 16GB
  • Disk Space – 20GB to 160GB
  • Bandwidth – 1TB to 8TB
  • CPU Cores – 1 Core to 4 Cores
Now while we might not offer free virtualization software, we can honestly say our VPS Cloud solution is the most cost friendly for provided resources on the market. The truth is, if you were to try and get the same resource allocation with the Google Cloud, you would be paying a lot more than Solar VPS pricing. To join the Cloud, Solar VPS is right on the money for individuals, small to medium sized businesses and enterprise level companies.

The Bottom Line in Virtualization Solutions

So go ahead, conduct a comprehensive virtualization software comparison. Look at different solutions, compare their resource allocation with their pricing structure and service level add-ons and it will become clear, in a virtualization software comparison test, Solar VPS is light years beyond the competition.