When it comes to virtualization in Cloud Computing, companies and individuals have their choice of what type of virtualization technology they wish to deploy. Now, while VPS OpenVZ is a popular form of virtualization in Cloud Computing, VPS OpenVZ is by no means the end all be all in virtualization technology. Point in case, here at Solar VPS, we utilize and prefer Xen virtualization for all of our virtualized server solutions. But the question has to be asked, why does Solar VPS utilize Xen virtualization in Cloud computing as opposed to VPS OpenVZ, KVM or containers?

VPS OpenVZ vs. Xen

Most Cloud Computing, Cloud Hosting, Virtualization and Web Hosting companies are going to give you a marketing reason for why they choose to utilize VPS OpenVZ over KVM or Xen over OpenVZ. We aren’t going to do that. The reason Solar VPS utilizes Xen and not VPS OpenVZ is because it proved to be more popular with our consumer base. That’s it. We see the benefit of virtual server solutions powered by other forms of virtualization however, when it comes to our virtualization and Cloud Computing, the virtualization technology we deploy is a reflection on what our consumer base wants. Sometimes the phrase, “the customer is always right” is a good slogan to follow in business – even if that business is full of VPS’s, hybrid servers and OS templates.

Solar VPS Virtualization

We’ve stated it already – Solar VPS utilizes Xen for all our virtualization needs. We respect VPS hosting OpenVZ and in our personal lives, some of us utilize OpenVZ container solutions, however, for our core Linux and Windows Cloud Hosting offerings, it’s Xen. This being said, here at some of our offerings.
  1. Virtualization Custom Resource Allocation – Straight to the point, Solar VPS virtualization solutions offer full customization of virtual private server resources. From RAM, Bandwidth, Disk Space and CPU Cores, with Solar VPS you can customize your virtualized server however you want.
  2. Virtualization Operating System Choices – Just like our custom virtualized server solutions, with Solar VPS virtualization in Cloud Computing we offer you a wide variety of OS templates for your choice. If you are an Ubuntu person, we provide you with Ubuntu. If you are a Windows Server 2012 kind of guy, we give you that also. All told, we provide a wide selection of OS templates for your virtual server needs.
  3. Virtualization Cheap VPS – Everyone has different virtualization needs. Some people need the minimal amount of resources to power their WordPress install while other large scale companies need a fully maxed out virtualized server to handle their high traffic, high bandwidth ecommerce platform. Whatever virtualized server boat you fit into to, Solar VPS provides you with a gamut of price structures starting at just $17.50 per month. Whatever you budget, Solar VPS can meet it.

Xen Virtualization with Solar VPS

No need to take more of your time. Here at Solar VPS we utilize the best Xen virtualization technologies to bring you the best VPS solutions on the market. From resource allocation, to price structure, to great virtual server add-ons and operating systems, Solar VPS is your go to for Cloud Hosting. Solar VPS – Simple, Powerful, Reliable, Cloud Servers.