Virtual Dedicated Server

Virtual Dedicated Server

Are you in the market for cheap virtual dedicated sever hosting? Are you looking for the most powerful and cost friendly virtual dedicated host? If so, you have come to the right place. With Solar VPS, our dedicated virtual server hosting solutions are custom built to make your VDS hosting life as easy as possible. To flesh this out, let’s chat a about our virtual dedicated server resource allocation packages.

Dedicated Virtual Server Hosting Packages

The first thing you need to understand about Solar VPS virtual dedicated server hosting solutions are we took a lot of time to build a web hosting platform which allows you, the customer, to fully build your own server. From RAM, to Bandwidth, to Disk Space, to CPU Cores and IP’s, the SolarSystem was built to make your web hosting life precise and easy. Concerning your virtual private server resource allocation customization choices, you can choose from 2GB – 16GB of RAM, 20GB – 160GB of Disk Space (Windows begins at 40GB), 1 – 8TB of Bandwidth, 1 – 4 CPU Cores and up to eight additional IP addresses. As we said, as your virtual dedicated host, Solar VPS provides you with the exact resource allocations you need to power your dedicated virtual server.

VDS VPS Provides the Path to Choose

Custom resource allocation might not seem like all that big of deal but when you expand your vision to encompass the options available to you when utilizing dynamic dedicated servers, custom resource allocation comes into focus. The major benefit of virtual private server vs dedicated server hosting can be found in how the consumer utilizes resources. With dynamic dedicated servers consumers rent an entire server full with dedicated server resources. This means no matter what your resource needs are right now you will pay for all the dedicated server resources at all times. It doesn’t take a genius to understand if you are only using 60GB of Disk Space but are paying for 160GB, you are throwing your money away. On the other hand, virtual private server web hosting (sometimes called virtual dedicated servers) allow the consumer to only pay for what he or she uses. This means if you only need 100GB of Disk Space, you only pay for 100GB of Disk Space. Likewise, if your needs suddenly shift and you only need 40GB of Disk Space, you alert your provider and they change your plan to 40GB of Disk Space. This concept of paying for only what you need/use is called scalability. It is the major distinguishing feature between dedicated servers and virtual server hosting (VPS). With the scalability of virtual dedicated server hosting soundly explained, the one question which remains is why does scalability come into play with virtual private servers? The answer is found in virtualization solutions.

Solar VPS Virtual Dedicated Server Virtualization Solutions

Xen allows us to provide our consumers with the best virtual Linux and virtual Windows OS choices available on the market along with the best virtual private server web hosting add-ons at the best price. So come on, what are you waiting for? You have no reason to go anywhere else for your virtual dedicated server solutions. Solar VPS is the only VDS provider you need.