Virtual Dedicated Host

Virtual Dedicated Host

In our past two blog posts we talked about the benefits of VDS hosting over dedicated server hosting and how virtual dedicated server hosting is the same thing as virtual private server hosting. In today’s installment of VDS Hosting and the SolarVPS SolarSystem, we are going to take the time to chat about the practical uses for your dedicated virtual server hosting solutions.

Dedicated Virtual Server Hosting

If you are the type of person always looking to make money, virtual dedicated server solutions offer give you that ability. Through the Solar VPS SolarSystem Reseller program, clients have the ability to purchase bulk virtual dedicated server resources to host web hosting clients of their own. Through the Solar VPS VDS Hosting reseller plan clients have the ability to provision their dedicated virtual server to meet the need of their own web hosting clients. By utilizing the Solar VPS hosting reseller plan you truly become a virtual dedicated host. But maybe becoming a dedicated virtual server host isn’t for you. No worries.

Cloud Apps and Your Dedicated Virtual Server

So being a reseller isn’t for you. No worries. Here at Solar VPS we have analyzed our competitors and created virtual private server offerings which are unique to the market – point in case, SolarSystem A.I. SolarSystem A.I. is our internally developed one-click installer of over 250 Web/Cloud applications. From WordPress installs, to osCommerce installs, to Joomla, Drupal, Magento etc., we have developed the easiest Cloud app installer in the dedicated web hosting industry. This means no matter your VPS resource allocation, Solar VPS offers you the simplest avenue to utilize your VDS VPS. With the click of a button, you are off and rolling. Simple. Easy. Powerful. But here is the thing, even with the Cloud app installer, you have to know how to operate your OS to gain all its benefits. For that reason, Solar VPS offers both virtual dedicated Windows hosting and virtual dedicated Linux hosting.

Virtual Private Server OS Selection

When it comes to virtual private sever vs. dedicated server web hosting OS (operating system) choices, VPS web hosting solutions dominate dynamic dedicated servers. Why? Choice. For as powerful and expensive as dynamic dedicated serves are, all of the OS, software, hardware, firewalls etc. are installed and maintained by the client. This means you are subject to the OS you purchase as opposed to selecting from multiple virtualized operating systems. The choice of multiple operating systems is one of the best features of virtual dedicated server hosting. Be it Linux virtual hosting with Ubuntu, Fedroa, Gentoo, CentOS etc. or virtual server hosting with Windows OS’s – Windows Server 2012, Windows 2008 R2 etc. – by utilizing virtual hosting vs. dedicated hosting, consumers can choose from the OS they are most comfortable working within.

VDS VPS Hosting

At the end of the day, as a consumer you want to know you can put your money to work for you. By investing in Solar VPS SolarSystem VDS VPS hosting solutions, you are doing that exactly that. With Solar VPS, we give you easy avenues to make money from hosting other clients interested in dedicated virtual server hosting and we give you the ability to blog, run an ecommerce site, run an analytics platform etc. Whatever your need, Solar VPS supplies you with the virtual web hosting tools you need to get the job done. So forget about dedicated shared hosting – it’s time you join the virtual private server solutions movement with Solar VPS.