VDS Hosting

VDS Hosting

In our last blog entry titles “VDS VPS” we talked about the difference between VDS and VPS, what types of virtualization technology Solar VPS utilizes for our dedicated virtual server hosting and why virtual private server web hosting is no difference then virtual dedicated server web hosting solutions. In today’s article we want to talk about the benefits of VDS Hosting, or VDS Web Hosting, over dynamic dedicated servers and standard dedicated server hosting.

1. VDS VPS Price vs. Dedicated Server Hosting Price

The main benefit of utilizing a virtual private server vs. dedicated server solutions can be found in the month to month pricing of both web hosting services. For customers using dedicated servers, web hosting solutions can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars per month. The price on dedicated servers is so high because the hosting company is allowing a customer to rent a full physical server fully dedicated to their needs. Instead of purchasing a small bit of that server (this is what a VPS is), dedicated server hosting encompasses renting out a full physical server to meet the consumers web hosting goals. On the other hand, VPS’s (also called virtual dedicated servers or virtual dedicated server hosting) offers clients the ability to purchase a virtual piece of the same pie. Instead of renting out an entire server to meet their needs, virtual dedicated host providers supply consumers with a piece of an overall pie, full with resources, to meet their web hosting needs. This solutions is cheaper for the consumer and allows for more clientele for the virtual dedicated host.

2. The Cloud

Unless you have been living under a rock on Mars, you have heard of the Cloud. The Cloud is a marketing term made up by web hosting marketers to make virtual private server web hosting sound pretty. But the truth is the Cloud is VPS hosting. The Cloud is information stored on a virtual dedicated server located in a third party datacenter installed with the highest level of server knowledge and server security. Through the Cloud, users have the ability to access their needed information from anywhere in the world with a steady Internet connection. Virtual server hosting in the Cloud allows you to steam content from halfway around the world, securely protect data behind professional firewalls and sync data across mobile devices almost instantaneously. With dedicated server web hosting, this just isn’t possible.

3. Virtual Linux and Virtual Windows Web Hosting

One of the major benefits of VPS virtual server hosting is the amount of operating systems the consumer can choose from. Due to the virtualization tech behind top VDS hosting providers like Solar VPS, we can proudly offering you multiple form of Linux Web Hosting and Windows Web Hosting. With multiple templates for Fedora, Ubuntu, Gentoo, CentOS and multiple templates for Windows OS (Windows Server 2012, Windows 2008 R2, Windows 2007 etc.), VDS hosting companies like Solar VPS can provide the user with their OS of choice. With dedicated server hosting you have the ability to choose your OS however any OS you want to utilize you are installing. With virtual server web hosting, the choices are on the house.

VDS VPS Web Hosting

At the end of the day, the choice between VDS VPS web hosting and dynamic dedicated server web hosting is crystal clear. With virtual private server web hosting services, the consumer has access to more cost efficient web hosting prices, excellent virtualization solutions like VPS Xen, VDS VMWare and VPS OpenVZ and has the ability to scale their server to meet their requirements. Add the Cloud, virtual security and multiple OS templates for use and you can really see why VDS hosting is becoming more and more popular.