Dynamic Dedicated Servers

Dynamic Dedicated Servers

In our last few posts we covered everything from the differences of virtual private server vs dedicated server hosting, why VDS and VPS are one in the same, the cost benefits of VDS VPS over dedicated server hosting, virtualization technologies and the concept of scalability as it relates to virtual private servers. Due to this, instead of producing another article about the information behind virtual dedicated server hosting, we are simply going to talk about why you should invest in Solar VPS VDS hosting over dynamic dedicated servers.

1. Dynamic Dedicated Servers Are Expensive

Here at Solar VPS we provide the best dedicated virtual server hosting in the web hosting industry. Moreover, we provide our solutions at a cost friendly monthly fee so anyone can utilize VPS web hosting to the benefit. The point being, dedicated server hosting is expensive, very expensive. Unless you are a large scale corporation, you have no need to spend thousands of dollars per month on dedicated server web hosting services. Virtual dedicated host solutions are more cost friendly.

2. Dedicated Server Hosting is Too Clunky

Yeah, we said it. Dedicated server hosting is too clunky. Dedicated server hosting means the consumer purchases an entire server (or multiple dynamic dedicated servers) inside a data center. A server takes up a lot of space, uses a lot of electricity and needs a ton of cooling to operate properly. All of this equates to a lot of money and a lack of green friendly space usage. Dedicated server hosting is clunky. Virtual private server hosting is virtual – simpler, most cost efficient, more green friendly and more scalable.

3. Virtual Dedicated Server Managed Support

Sometimes you don’t want to manage your own dedicated server or dedicated virtual server. Sometimes you want someone else to take care of your dedicated virtual server hosting issues for you. Sometimes you want a team of professional IT ninjas to handle all your virtual server hosting tech issue. Solar VPS has this in spades. And with that, we believe it is time to end our series on “What is Dedicated Server Hosting?” All we can hope now is that you take a look at Solar VPS virtual server solutions and get on board. We know once you make the decision to join us in your VPS web hosting quest, you won’t be sorry.