Dedicated Virtual Server Hosting

Dedicated Virtual Server Hosting

If you’re interested in dedicated virtual server hosting, you have come to the right place. Solar VPS provides the web hosting market with the best VDS VPS solutions on the market. With a mix of customize virtual dedicated server resource allocations, a myriad of stellar dedicated virtual server add-ons, VDS hosting managed support and the best prices in the virtual private server market, you really can’t go wrong with Solar VPS. But instead of chatting about the exact solutions Solar VPS offers for consumers, we are going to take this time to clear up an issue which has lived for too long. That issue, virtual private sever vs. dedicated server hosting. Which is better and why?

Virtual Private Server vs. Dedicated Server Hosting

As virtual dedicated host industry leader, Solar VPS is firmly planted on one side of this debate. For us, the answer is simple. Virtual private server web hosting solutions are better than dedicated server hosting services. For us, the answer is as clear as day. However for those among you who are on the fence regarding virtual private server vs. dedicated server hosting, here are a few bits of knowledge to help sway your opinion.

1. VPS Hosting is Cheaper

Let’s say that again – virtual private server hosting is cheaper than dynamic dedicated servers. Why? Dynamic dedicated server web hosting rents an entire server, resources included, to a client. The client pays for the entire server, all of the resources, all of the hardware etc. As you might imagine, this physical purchase is expensive for a number of reasons (resources, space, electricity costs etc.). Conversely, virtual dedicated hosts rent a small sliver of that full server to clients for their web hosting needs. If dynamic dedicated servers are an entire web hosting pie, virtual dedicated servers (VPS) are a slice of that pie, virtualized. Again, VPS hosting is cheaper.

2. VPS Hosting is More Consumer Friendly

Not only is VPS web hosting services cheaper than dedicated server web hosting, virtual private server Cloud hosting is infinitely more workable than dedicated servers. Why? It’s called scalability. VPS hosting is scalable, i.e. it can grow and shrink depending on the needs of the consumer. Scalability in VPS web hosting means the consumer only pays for what he or she uses/needs at that given point in time. Good luck finding true scalability with dedicated servers. With a dedicated server solution, you pay for all the resources allocated to your server whether you are using them or not. Did anyone say money pit?

3. VPS Hosting is the Cloud

We aren’t going to say much on this topic. Unless you have been living on Pluto with your head buried in the proverbial sands of time, you have heard of the Cloud. Access data from anywhere in the world, stream content from the world away, backup data in a secure elastic Cloud environment, mobile sync critical data across devices and work from anywhere. This is the Cloud. The Cloud is virtual private server hosting. The cloud is not dedicated server hosting. In terms of the Cloud and VPS vs. dedicated hosting, VPS wins every time. With this said, it should be pretty obvious which form of web hosting is better. When someone asks you to describe the difference between VPS vs. dedicated hosting and which is better, simply refer them to this article and offer them Solar VPS hosting solutions as a present. They will love you for it.