In the world of web hosting, users have their choice between shared web hosting, dedicated web hosting solutions and VPS (virtual private server) web hosting services. For those among you who are looking into the latter option – virtual private server web hosting – you have come to the right place. VPS hosting, sometimes called VDS or VDS Hosting – is a form of web hosting which offers excellent scalability, low price structures, a wide variety of virtual operating systems (both Linux VPS and Windows VPS are readily available) and access to the Cloud.

VDS Hosting

First things first, before we get going we need to clear up a small search matter. Very often we get the questions, “What is a virtual dedicated server”? and “What is a virtual private server”? The answer, they are the same thing. Dedicated virtual server hosting (VDS) and virtual private server hosting (VPS) are one in the same. Although both terms are searched for through the major engines, both terms mean one in the same. VDS Hosting is VPS hosting and virtual private server solutions are virtual dedicated server solutions. Point in case, you have no reason to type VDS VPS into the Google search bar – just type virtual dedicated host or virtual private server host.

Virtual Dedicated Virtualization

Regardless if you search for VDS vs. VPS or not, the main key to the solution is how the server is virtualized. Virtualization – the act of converting a physical server (dedicated server) to a virtual server – allows web hosting professionals to offer clients with almost endless scalability, easy resource allocation and lower web hosting costs. Let’s tackle the last part first.
  • VPS Hosting Price – The price of virtual private server web hosting is less than that of dynamic dedicated servers because of the hardware. Whereas a dedicated server host is supplying the consumer with a full physical server unto him/herself, a virtual private server is a virtual pie, a single slice of which is allotted to a consumer. Without having to allot full dedicated servers for a single customer, the price for web hosting drops way down. Whereas dynamic dedicated servers might cost the consumer a few hundred dollars per month, virtual server web hosting can cost as little at $17.50 per month.
  • Virtual Dedicated Servers Resource Allocation – One of the most important aspect of virtual dedicated servers is their ability to supply the consumer with easy to use resource allocation. For the VPS users, RAM, Disk Space, Bandwidth and CPU cores come on the cheap and are supplied in spades. Due to the virtual environment, adding or subtracting resources from a virtual dedicated server is as easy as flipping a switch.
  • Virtual Server Scalability – The ability of the web hosting provider, Solar VPS, to provision the amount of resources the consumer needs at the drop of a hat is known as server scalability. Server scalability means the consumer only pays for what he/she needs and uses. If you need more RAM and Bandwidth for your VPS, you pay for that. Likewise, if you need less Disk Space and RAM, you only pay for that. Scalability allows for changing conditions without your web hosting needs taking a hit.
Now as we alluded to earlier, the main technology behind VPS hosting is virtualization. Although there are different types of virtualization technology – VDS VMWare, Xen VPS, VPS OpenVZ and KVM – Solar VPS utilizes Xen VPS for all our virtualization needs. We do this based on the popularity of the solution. For us, for our Solar VPS SolarSystem clients, Xen VPS is the virtualization technology which works best. It goes without saying but virtualization is the main difference between virtual private server vs. dedicated server hosting.

VDS Hosting, VDS VPS and VPS Hosting

The bottom line here is that there is no difference between VPS and VDS. Both likewise terms offer excellent virtualization solutions, wonderful scalability options, stellar price points and a variety of excellent web hosting solutions like virtual Linux and virtual Windows operating systems, website uptime monitoring solutions and georedundant Cloud data security. So, the next time someone asks you the difference between VPS and VDS, simply tell them the terminology doesn’t matter – what matters is the virtualization provider you choose. For you and hopefully them your VDS VPS provider is Solar VPS.