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Best Practices For Working From Home: One Year Later

Learn to work from home effectively .
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When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, many people found themselves working from home for the first time. Many employees were unprepared for the sudden shift from an office or business setting to sitting in their living room to get work done. Everybody was overwhelmed but learned to adapt to endless Zoom meetings, functioning entirely online, many phone calls, and working with customers to make business operations as smooth as possible. No matter the field you work in, chances are this all sounds familiar on some level. 

As difficult as this time has been for everyone, we can all say we have learned a lot about working from home. Working remotely doesn’t have to be daunting. At Solar VPS, we understand these frustrations but are here to help you through it all. Here are some best practices that might help you continue to work from home even after the worst of the virus has subsided. 

Create a Focused Work Environment

One of the critical factors to being productive when working from home is to create a focused work environment. When you work in an office setting, you become used to having everything you need at your fingertips. Office settings are conducive to productivity because they are set up to help individuals focus. It is also easier because you have others nearby to help if you have questions, brainstorm ideas, and make sure that you are hard at work. When you are at home, there are numerous distractions, especially if you are home alone. Young children home from school, other adults, and even needy pets can cause you to be less productive when working from home. As a result, you need to try to create the best work environment possible. 

Some tips we have for you at Solar VPS include dressing as you would for work, establishing a concrete work time and space, and connecting with nature. Dressing like you would for work puts you in the mindset of your former work environment and reminds you that you aren’t at home to lounge on the couch. While your hours may be more flexible, establishing a general routine and dedicated space is still a good idea. Even if this space is not a home office, try to use a regular space, such as a table or outdoor setting. Working outdoors close to nature is a safe way to increase productivity, because fresh air works wonders for the brain. These small changes can help create a focused work environment that is bound to help you get more work done. 

Ask Others What They Are Doing

Another good idea is to brainstorm with others, even if they work elsewhere. Everyone is going through this together, and maybe a friend, colleague, or family member has an effective method for working from home that they could share with you. This will also help you not to feel so isolated while you are at home. Just remember to social distance when bouncing ideas off one another, or share them virtually. Video conferencing is the best way to communicate; it is safe and allows both visual and audio contact. 

Practice these habits to work from home.
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Give Yourself A Break

While it is crucial to learn how to work hard from home, it is also important to realize that these changes can be stressful. Mental health is just as necessary as social distancing to protect your physical health. Because of this, it’s a good idea to learn how to give yourself a break. These breaks don’t have to be long, but taking a short walk, drinking a mug of tea or coffee, or taking some time to cuddle with your furry pals might help increase your productivity. Sometimes sitting in front of a screen for hours trying to force work to happen when you are lagging isn’t worth it. Take a break and come back refreshed!

Invest in the Best Technologies

You don’t have to break the bank or buy entirely new versions of the technologies you are currently using, but investing in some essential upgrades can’t hurt. Even if your business plans on eventually returning to the way it ran before the pandemic, these technology upgrades will still be helpful. You want to be as efficient as possible when working from home, so choosing the best technologies is critical. Solar VPS offers a wide variety of services, including cloud-based and dedicated servers, multiple add-ons, and reliable and secure data centers.

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Five Tips for Staying Productive During COVID-19 Work from Home

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2020 has thrown us all some serious curve balls. The COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) pandemic has had some significant impacts on how life functions. One of the biggest changes that many of us have experienced is the shift to working from home. The rapid movement to WFH has caused a lot of companies to make quick decisions to ensure the safety of employees while maintaining business continuity. In today’s blog, we’ll take a look at five tips that you can use to remain productive in the current WFH climate.

Work From Home Tip #1: Create a Designated Office Area

The first tip to share about working from home involves creating a designated office area in your home. If there’s one thing that we are all looking for right now, it’s a sense of normalcy. While you might be tempted to answer your emails from the couch with Netflix streaming, fight the temptation. To maintain your productivity, it’s essential that you have a specific space dedicated only to work.

If you have a spare room or an existing office, this process is probably pretty easy. If you do not have this, you should look for a corner of a room that can be blocked off as a work-only zone. While it might seem weird at first, make it a habit of going into your new office space to get used to it. The more time that you spend working there, the more focused and productive you will be. In the next section, we’ll take a look at how this new working process might help you maintain balance.

Work From Home Tip #2: Maintain A Consistent Work Schedule 

The second tip to consider about being productive as a WFH employee involves working a consistent schedule. Whenever possible, hold yourself to using your new workspace only during working hours. One way of doing this involves arriving at your desk at the same time each morning. Design a break and lunch schedule that allows you to appreciate walking away for a few moments. When you are working, treat it like you did when you went into the office. Close the door and be “unavailable” to family members.

At the same time, it’s important to only work during your scheduled times. This may be challenging since the physical distance between work and home may only be a few feet. During working hours, put away your unrelated electronics and truly focus on the work. In return, don’t look at work projects during off-hours. In the next section, we will take a closer look at setting and maintaining boundaries with your non-work contacts.

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Work From Home Tip #3: Set Boundaries with Family, Friends, Appointments

The third tip about WFH to consider involves setting boundaries between your friends, family, and other types of interruptions. Since the COVID-19 pandemic began earlier this year, many citizens are at home a lot more often than they were before. Pets, kids, partners, and roommates can create challenges, but your productivity depends on your ability to limit their interruptions. It will take some adjustment for everyone involved, but the end result will mean more focused time on work followed by more focused family/friend time.

As you begin working from home, you will likely notice things you didn’t before. Perhaps the dog barks at any outside sound; maybe the kids are jumping on the couch in the living room; maybe your spouse is running the blender a lot. Find ways to block these outside factors. Consider investing in noise-canceling headphones or earbuds. Many newer versions have the ability to connect to Bluetooth to improve sound quality on conference calls. It might also be helpful to find background music that feels warm, energizing, and encouraging. Avoid music with lyrics as these can be distracting. Ambient, Jazz and Classical music have been shown to reduce anxiety and improve productivity. In the next section, we’ll take a look at ways to feel more engaged with your work by reaching out to your co-workers.

Work From Home Tip #4: Find Ways to Interact

The fourth concept to consider involves looking for ways to increase your communications with co-workers, friends, and family members. While the work part of the equation is likely filled with conference calls, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams meetings, it’s important to maintain your connections with friends and family. A big part of being productive in WFH involves staying engaged with the outside world. It’s important to take a look at yourself and those in your social circles to ensure that support is available. In these unsure times, it’s easier than ever to get lost in isolation and depression. Find times to schedule a friends and family Zoom meeting. Just being able to look at your nearest and dearest from a distance can improve your mood and theirs. In the final section, we’ll take this idea a little further and look at self-care.

Work From Home Tip #5: Don’t Work Off the Clock / Find New Hobbies and Activities

The fifth and final tip for maintaining your WFH productivity involves what happens when you’re not working. While we have been encouraged to minimize our contact with the outside world to help flatten the curve of COVID-19, it’s still important to find ways to avoid cabin fever. Find ways to get outside and spend some time away from your home and working spaces. Research has shown that spending time in nature and doing outside exercise reduces stress, anxiety, and can allow perspective to reflect on all aspects of life.

If you just need some time to relax in your non-working hours, consider reading, watching a movie or television program, or explore cooking a new meal. Be open to possibilities that you might not have considered before. The bottom line with being productive while working from home: you are not alone.

Solar VPS: Your Work from Home Guides

In today’s blog post, we presented five tips for maintaining WFH productivity. These tips might not all work for you but we’re here to help. The team at Solar VPS has been assisting companies of all sizes to find working systems that make their jobs easier. When you’re ready to learn more about how we can help you, contact our team right away!

How Using a VPS Makes Work from Home Easier

Photo by Taylor Vick on Unsplash
Photo by Taylor Vick on Unsplash

It’s unclear exactly how many things will have changed in the world post-COVID-19. One recent development that seems likely to remain in some fashion is remote work. This practice, also known as “work from home,” has been growing in popularity over the last several years. Howeer, it has blossomed even more in the face of the growing global pandemic.

According to Vox, 74 percent of the organizations that have employees working remotely will continue the practice in some form once communities reopen. This statistic is a significant jump from pre-pandemic numbers. In today’s blog, we’ll take a look at how work from home can be made easier through the use of virtual private servers or VPS solutions.

Work From Home Tip #1: Software, Setup, and Solid Systems Matter

The first thing to consider when beginning to work from home is how solidified your office setup is. This comes down to the three S’s: software, setup, and systems. These are some of the easiest benefits of VPS-based computing that can be put to use right away. When a VPS is used for working remotely, the software and systems are designed to work from any stable location. The other early aspect involves the setup of your working space. It needs to be a functional place that can hold your new at-home equipment effectively. We’ll elaborate more on that point in the next section.

Work From Home Tip #2: Structuring Your Home Office Space

The second concept to ponder about working from home with a VPS protocol involves the physical space of your office. When you worked primarily from an office building with other employees, chances are that your office was pretty standard. Aside from some personal touches like photos and trinkets, you had very little control over where you spent your 40 hours a week. Now that you’ve been tasked with working from home, you have a lot more flexibility in how you manage your space. It’s important to make the space usable but it should also reflect your unique personality. Consider furniture that will make you productive–a desk, a firm chair, good lighting. While the pandemic put many of us under challenges, there’s still an opportunity to improve your home working structure. It can also assist with how teams work together, as we’ll see next.

Photo by Benjamin Dada on Unsplash
Photo by Benjamin Dada on Unsplash

Work From Home Tip #3: Working Remotely with Your Team 

The third thing to consider about work from home involves how you work remotely with other members of your organization. No matter the size of your working group, understanding what each member of the team is working on can help keep continuity. In many situations, teams have shifted to connecting through video conferencing software suites like Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Providing access to these applications through a secured VPS solution can eliminate the guesswork associated with downloading these programs individually. It can also add to productivity that leads to less wasted time. When it comes to productivity and using the tools provided, there is no substitute for working in new creative directions.

Work From Home Tip #4: Developing Code and Using Sandboxes

The fourth thing to think about when it comes to working from home is how innovative it can make your team. There is no truer example than during the current COVID-19. As a world of workers, we are constantly adapting to the challenges that come with social distancing. Teams are working hard to establish new methods and best practices to keep things moving. If your organization specializes in technology, chances are that you’re looking for strategic improvements and new ways to get things done.

An offshoot of this is something that technology-based companies have already been using for a long time: the sandbox environment. In sandbox environments, employees have the flexibility to test out new features without risking damaging changes to the live environment. The projects being developed in the sandbox have the ability to be used for future launches. They are also often used as training modules for new hires. While onboarding new employees in the midst of the pandemic is less than desirable, it can reveal significant grit and tenacity. All this is to say that working hard also means working smart–as we’ll look at when we take a deeper look at stability and automation.

Work From Home Tip #5: Automation and Stability

The fifth concept of working from home with a VPS plan involves the need for stability. A VPS network is intended to operate using concepts of automation. Automation is a way of securing the data and the processes being undertaken on the network. Regardless of the work being done, automation can happen in the background at all times or on a regular scheduled basis. Automation is most commonly used to scan the network for possible disturbances like viruses, data breaches, and other inconveniences.

On the other hand, virtual private servers are designed to add much-needed stability for all the workers using it. One of the bonuses of using and maintaining an internal server involves control over all the resources it provides. Maintaining an internal server allows your team to have full control over usage. It also allows qualified users to access ongoing dashboard data to understand how features are being used by employees and customers alike.

Contact Solar VPS for Help Making Remote Work Easier

Now that you’ve learned a bit more about how work from home can be made into an easier, more productive process, it’s time to take a closer look at Solar VPS. Our dedicated team has been building unique computer networks for users and companies from a variety of industries. Whether you’re working in Windows, Linux, or iOS, we can find something to improve your work at home workflow. Don’t delay–Contact us today!