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Optimizing Windows VPS for 2020

Many users of virtual private servers, or VPS, plans are happy to share that they can control cost, access, and security of their networks. Unfortunately, many of those users aren’t aware of how important it is to make sure resources are working at their best levels. In today’s blog, we’ll take a look at how optimizing a Windows VPS can elevate cloud-based computing to new levels.

Optimizing Windows VPS Tip #1: Content Matters

One of the easiest ways to start optimizing your VPS network is to take a look at the content involved. If your website includes audio, video, or photography, the chances are that those things are eating up your data speed. While not always possible, look for ways to share smaller files. Small files load faster and can save users from being frustrated at the lag time for larger files. Additionally, most service providers will give you access to data trackers that allow members of your leadership team to review and make changes to big files quickly.

Optimizing Windows VPS Tip #2: Invest in a Content Delivery Network (CDN)

A second way to optimize your Windows VPS network is to employ a Content Delivery Network, or CDN. These networks allow your data to travel long distances more quickly–keeping your team and your viewers happy. CDNs work by storing static versions of larger files that can be called up and loaded quickly, allowing your viewers the chance to get what they need without delay. Better performance means a better, stronger use of VPS resources.

Optimizing Windows VPS Tip #3: Use Cache

The third way to optimize your Windows VPS involves caching. In caching, commonly accessed files are made easier to open. The most requested files will be stored in places that are quicker to call up and faster to display–thereby reducing the overall use of resources and allowing your network to better balance files big and small.

Optimizing Windows VPS Tip #4: Contact Solar VPS

Now that you’ve seen a few ways of improving the performance of a Windows-based VPS hosting, consider Solar VPS. Our team has the know-how to design a custom hosting plan to suit your business needs. We’re dedicated to finding the right level of service for you. We take immense pride in helping all of our customers optimize their network options–no matter the operating system. Windows, iOS, Linux–we’ve got a solution for you. Don’t delay–Contact us today!

What to Expect from Windows VPS When You Move to the Cloud

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When you use a Windows virtual private server (VPS), you get to enjoy all the benefits of hosting without paying for dedicated servers. You don’t need to make any special hosting arrangements to make sure your website or ecommerce are functioning properly. When you move your Windows VPS to the cloud, you likely are moving from a dedicated host to a provider with more resources. That’s great news for organizations that want to scale and keep their operations secure. You get more reliability and can leverage your provider’s resources as you grow. Here are some of the main benefits of Windows VPS when you move to the cloud. 

Increased Security

When you work with a dedicated server, a lot is riding on whether it stays safe and updated. If something goes wrong with the server, it can shatter your operations, leak customer or technology information, and cause reputational damage to your organization. When you move to the cloud, your servers are located in secure data centers. There are multiple failover systems that keep any disruptions from taking down your website or other software. Cloud providers dedicate a lot of resources to make sure their machines are up to date and not susceptible to outside risks. 

Windows VPS in the Cloud Is Scalable

Technology changes can be a challenge for a lot of businesses and other organizations. Sometimes, technology systems aren’t compatible, or your employees are resistant to changes. A lot of times, companies end up using multiple technology systems because they are afraid of letting go of legacy software.  With Windows VPS in the cloud, you get to grow in step with your company and use the same systems. Your cloud provider will allow you to grow or shrink your technology resources based on demand. You don’t have to overspend on technology infrastructure. That means you keep more resources in your company and can use them for driving growth.  SolarVPS is a cloud provider that helps organizations with Windows VPS hosting. We can tailor technology solutions to you that make sense and add value. Take advantage of the benefits of cloud hosting. We’ll be there to walk you through expectations and troubleshoot any issues. Soon, you’ll be enjoying a more secure, smooth operating environment for your company or team.  If you’re interested in hearing more about what VPS and the cloud can do for you, contact us today to hear more!

Linux vs Windows in the Cloud: Who’s Better?

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When a company is interested in paying for a cloud server, they’re faced with the choice of Linux or Windows. These two options are the most popular for several reasons. Each has different benefits it can offer to companies and other organizations. But which is better for you? Understanding the difference between Windows and Linux can help you make the decision. Here are some of what each offers and how the other compares.

Open Source (Linux) vs Proprietary (Windows)

The battle between Linux and Windows has been going on for decades. Recently, things have gotten a bit friendlier, but it’s been heated because they’re both fighting over the same turf. People are surprised to hear that Linux servers outnumber Windows by a good margin. A lot of people love Linux because it’s a free operating system. Linux can also be used quickly to address specific applications or uses in the cloud. Windows, on the other hand, is a comprehensive operating system that has applications and support for almost every instance. 

Cost of Cloud Servers

Linux is free, so the upfront costs of running cloud applications are lower. However, upfront costs aren’t really indicative of how much a cloud server will cost in the long run. Companies have to consider the cost of maintaining the server, patching it for security, and troubleshooting any issues that come up. Hiring support staff can be expensive and add to the cost of owning a cloud server. Windows has a much better support network built into its cloud offerings. You’re likely to get a faster and better response when something goes wrong. 

Windows Cloud for More Control

Windows has taken a lot of the leg work out of managing data and applications in the cloud. The Windows system includes things like corporate authentication to ensure you have control over your data. You have more ability to structure your information and processes. With Linux, a lot of the work has to be done from the ground up. It can take more time, and you’ll need to find people able to do the work. Windows is more of an out of the box solution. You can plug and play different options as you see fit.  SolarVPS offers different cloud server options for organizations. Moving data and processes into the cloud can save you money and help you work more effectively. Your data is safer and accessible from anywhere. Contact us today to hear more about how we can help.   

3 Things to Know About the Windows Server 2019 Upgrade

Windows Server 2019 builds on top of the strong success of the 2016 release. Companies that upgrade get access to some exciting new features that take advantage of cloud computing, increased security, and come with access to more innovative applications. Server 2019 is easy to integrate into existing systems with minimal disruption to operations. It’s a great software solution for companies looking for increased functionality. Here are three key things to know for businesses looking to upgrade to Windows Server 2019

Advanced Windows Security

Windows Defender and its protections against malware, IP screening, ransomware, APTs, and other risks to information is better than ever. Windows Server 2019 comes with Attack Surface Reduction (ASR), as a control center that helps companies shut down malware before it affects business. Network Protection helps deflect exposure from any outbound process. It’s easier to protect private and privileged information with this version because it comes with controlled folder access.

Storage Migration

With Windows Server 2019, Microsoft offers a new technology that helps companies move server information to a newer version. The tool is graphical, so systems admins can see what’s moved and how it’s stored. It’s also a great benefit because apps don’t have to change anything when Server gets upgraded. The migration is optimized so data is transferred quickly and allocated effectively.

Expanded App Platform

One of the best improvements in Windows Server 2019 is that the same container host allows users to run Windows and Linux containers. It’s a great option that gives developers the flexibility to create apps in a more open hosting environment. Authentication in containers is also faster and easier. Application compatibility is increased, and there’s more room for different API dependencies. Container size is smaller, which allows faster workflow and startup. The improvements don’t stop here. Along with these three great benefits, Windows Server 2019 comes with better encryption options, network performance is optimized, and the new Desktop Experience helps businesses install more desktop features than ever before. Overall, it’s an upgrade that every business and organization should consider. SolarVPS provides easy, holistic Windows-based VPS services to businesses around the world. We help organizations use the power of cloud computing to grow and harness the power of data. Our team of experienced cloud professionals can help your company find a solution that can help manage information and security that your partners, employees, and customers expect. For questions about how we can help, contact our team at SolarVPS today.

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