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What’s the Difference between Linux and Windows Hosting?

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When you are choosing your web hosting package, you will not need to select the hosting package and the infrastructure between Linux and Windows server. Linux and Windows are two different kinds of operating systems. Linux is the more popular operating system between the two. However, you may have websites which need specific Windows applications. Depending on your needs, you can choose between the two hosting options.

The Difference between the Two Options

The choice between Linux and Windows servers will affect how you interact with the hosting package. It will also determine the kind of applications you can use. Specific server-side applications that are written in .NET, ASP, MS SQL, PHP, MySQL, and MS Access will require Windows hosting. However, there are some applications that Windows does not support, such as WordPress, Python, Perl, CGI, and WYSIWYG. A Linux hosting package is perfect for those who want access to ready-to-use, open-source applications. On the other hand, a Windows hosting package is ideal for those who want to build more complex websites using languages like Perl, ASP, PHP, etc.

Ease of use

It is quite easy to access and manage your windows hosting server. However, it is a little more complicated to interact with the Linux OS wherein you will have to learn how to use the command line. Learning to integrate different software packages via the command line can be a challenge for beginners. To make it easier, you will have to choose from many Graphical User Interfaces (GUI), such as cPanel to interact with the OS. If you opt for a Linux hosting package, you can access the server through cPanel and WHM. For Windows users, Plesk is the control panel that will facilitate access to the server.

Hosting Packages at Solar VPS

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