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6 Tips for Creating Good Content that Drives Traffic

As a web hosting services provider, we know there is a massive amount of online content. Creating good content allows you to stand out from the competition and draw a target audience.

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Here are 6 tips to create content that increases traffic to your site or blog.

Tip #1: Create attention-grabbing headlines

The headline of your content is your chance to stand out and grab a reader’s attention.

Using numbers in headlines is a proven technique to increase your click-through rate (CTR). Numbers provide information to the viewer, such as how much time is involved in reading the content. A headling with numbers also helps the viewer know what to expect from the content.

Research indicates headlines with 16 to 18 words drive the most traffic. So, keep length in mind when you’re creating headlines.

Headlines that show a reader the benefits, solutions, or instructional value of the content are effective. Another way to draw attention is to shock or surprise the reader with the headline.

For example, if using the shock technique, the headline for this post could have been: “Your Blog is in a Death Spiral and Here’s How to Save It.”

However, while that headline is one way to grab attention and drive traffic, it isn’t necessarily the best choice. Over-the-top assumptions or claims in headlines are perceived as clickbait by savvy internet users. There is perhaps a time and place for clickbait headlines, but this post isn’t one of them.

A final note on headlines is to be truthful. In other words, don’t make claims that aren’t delivered in the content.

Tip #2: Give readers a reason to continue past the first paragraph

The first paragraph is critical to the success of your content. The reader is interested at that point, but not vested in your content. A reader decides in two to three seconds whether or not they will continue reading. If you lose the content viewer right away it affects your bounce rate, which plays a factor in search engine rankings.

State what the post is about so the reader knows what to expect right away. Using statistics in the first paragraph adds credibility to your content. And posting the benefit of your content provides a hook for the reader.

The first paragraph only is best kept to a few sentences. Include your keyword in the first one or two sentences for the best search engine results.

Tip #3: Format content for viewing on mobile devices

Proper formatting is one of the most overlooked aspects of content creation. However, it’s a simple way to improve readership.

Here is a secret: Content formatted for mobile phone screens has the highest readership.

Some apps and blogging platforms offer the option of viewing content as it appears on a mobile phone screen. If you create content on a desk or laptop computer, use this tool.

Formatting with cell phone screens in mind also results in content that is easily read on full-size screens. An easy way to implement this formatting style is to break up blocks of text. Long blocks of text can lose readers.

First, use short paragraphs of varying lengths for the most readable formatting. Also, sprinkle in bolded sentences when it makes sense to draw the reader’s eye to a key point.

  • Use bulleted or numbered lists to break up the text in your content.

Images are another way to break up the text.

Finally, format headings to organize your content. Maximize your keyword potential by including it in a few of your headings.

Tip #4: Create Engaging Content

Drawing the reader to your content is pointless if the content doesn’t keep them engaged. When readers engage with content, they spend more time on your web page. How much time the reader spends on your content is a factor used in search engine rankings.

Engaging content is written in a conversational tone.

General content writing isn’t the place to showcase impressive vocabulary skills. It’s nice that you know that the word “analogous” is an adjective to describe something that is comparable in certain aspects. But if you can make the same point with the word “like,” use it instead.

Target content to a 7th or 8th grade reading level to engage the largest audience. Even when the majority of your readers are well above that level, casting the widest net is best. Also, content that doesn’t require work on the reader’s behalf keeps them interested.

The Fleisch reading ease score included with the Yoast SEO plug-in is a good tool to use in this case. The Fleisch reading score runs checks on things like sentence length and the number of syllables per word. It provides a readability score and suggestions on how to improve it.

Tip #5: Write content as an authority

If you aren’t an authority on the subject you’re writing about, do some research to learn more. The reader won’t perceive value from a writer who doesn’t appear to know more about a subject than they do.

It’s fine if your ultimate goal is to sell the reader an idea, product, or service. And the reader probably realizes this as well. But think of it as a bartering situation. The reader expects something in return before they give you the chance to sell them something.

Deliver content that informs, instructs, or solves a problem in the body of the content, and the reader will stick with it to the end.

Writing as an authority means not adding “fluff” to your content. Fluff is sales speak that lacks any real meaning. Fluff is also adding words that are only necessary for you to meet a count requirement.

Tip #6: Close with a call to action

When you put in the work to write a post a reader values, don’t be shy about adding a call to action at the end.

An example of a call to action is to ask the reader to click on a link for a free consultation or for more information. Another call to action is to ask the reader to share their thoughts if you have a comment section. This call to action provides an additional opportunity to engage with the reader.

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