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3 Add-ons You Might Want to Consider

Reliable add-ons from Solar VPS.
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Working with a VPS system means you already have numerous tools at your fingertips to make your job easier. But there is always more you can do as a business owner or individual to advance your IT infrastructure. With Solar VPS, things become even easier with our numerous applications that you can add to your current VPS plan. Explore new add-ons that make running a business easier, make blogging effortless, and so much more. Whatever your current needs are with your VPS plan, you can bring it to the max with add-ons and applications from Solar VPS. Here are 3 add-ons you might want to consider today!

Disaster Recovery Backups

While none of us want to think about the worst-case scenario, sometimes it happens. As a result, it’s best to always be prepared with the disaster recovery backups add-on for any Solar VPS plan. If the worst happens, your data will be protected with us by your side.

The disaster recovery backup add-on allows you from 20GB to 200GB backup capacity and full server backups throughout multiple points of restoration. The newest backup will always replace the older content to ensure the most relevant data is secured. All backups will be stored for up to three days as needed. The new data will also backup in increments to avoid the risk of crashing and losing all the data at once. All data will be stored in a secured and reliable Solar VPS offsite data center facility. Trust us with what matters most for your business, and learn more about what our disaster recovery backups add-on can add to your operations.

Hosting Control Panels

Web hosting is growing in popularity every day. If you are new to the world of web hosting then you definitely should consider one of Solar VPS’ reliable and affordable hosting control panel solutions. With this at our disposal, you can host and manage multiple websites quickly with either a cPanel or Plesk control panel system. 

A hosting control panel means web hosting done right. You can easily manage multiple sites, run your DNS server names, configure notification thresholds, and even host your own mail server. Additionally, with Solar VPS’ hosting control panel in your repertoire, you can provide end-user login to customers, install a multi-tenant LAMP environment, and use plug-ins that provide easy software installations. Make it all happen in a flash today by investing in one of our hosting control panels. Plesk is available on either Windows or Linux, and cPanels are only available for Linux. 

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Support for Mission Control at Solar VPS

Among the many VPS applications at your fingertips, the most important add-on to consider is a Mission Control Support network. In short, this is the best technical support insurance policy on the market. At Solar VPS, this is where we show you what it means to be trustworthy, friendly, available, and reliable. 

With our Mission Control Technical support program, we have you covered. We cover everything from control panel migrations to assistance with DNS issues and assistance with IP configurations. With 24/7 support 365 days a year, you can count on us to have your back for troubleshooting Plesk and cPanel, SSH Ports and security, along with Apache/PHP/SQL management and troubleshooting third-party apps. 

The Solar VPS Difference

What makes Solar VPS such a highly-rated IT infrastructure company? The Solar VPS difference, of course! The Solar VPS difference means we value every one of our clients and treat them like people, not just numbers in a business model. We truly want to help you succeed in all of your endeavors. Whether we are helping you set up your first web hosting platform or simply adding on to your existing plan with our reliable VPS applications, we concentrate on what matters most: helping you succeed. Don’t put up with companies that aren’t available to answer the important questions as they arise. Let Solar VPS change your IT life today!

Contact Solar VPS Today

If these add-ons would add value to your current IT plan, then Solar VPS is here waiting to help you make the most of your infrastructure. We can cover all your web hosting and other IT needs efficiently. Give us a call at (800)-799-1713 today to learn more about our services, plan options, and available VPS applications and add-ons. You can also check our social media platforms for more information. 

Five Unexpected Ways to Use Your VPS Plan

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Small business owners, large business owners, new business owners, and well-established business owners can all benefit dramatically from Solar VPS’s multiple web hosting plans. At Solar VPS, no matter your enterprise’s needs, we have a plan that would fit you. 

As running a business advances into the modern age, companies are increasingly reliant on technology for the daily operations of their business. Web hosting is a growing sector for enterprises to help collect big data, send invoices, pay their employees, and handle other daily business operations. Most web hosting beginners quickly grasp the basic functions of their virtual server plan, but they may not realize there are other ways to apply their VPS plan. Here are five unexpected ways you can use your VPS plan from Solar VPS today. 

What is a VPS Plan?

A VPS is a virtual operating system nestled within a larger parent server. It operates by creating a host environment that can be easily connected to other electronic devices via another server. Another way to think about it is that it is imitating a physical server without actually being a physical server. VPS control panels have become one of the most popular choices of servers in the business and entrepreneurial worlds. 

Some Uses for VPS Plans                       

VPS can be used by both smaller and larger companies. VPS control panels are also a viable option for individual entrepreneurs. One may choose to use a VPS control panel for hosting websites, emails, web servers, and databases. 

Manage and Collect Big Data

VPS control panels are an affordable, reliable, and secure way for business owners to gather information, including massive amounts of data. They provide enterprises the capability to manage their data efficiently and effectively without the risk of crashes. Since they are more secure than public servers, they are also more secure against phishing scams, breaches, and data loss. They can be set up to back up data easily and are manageable even for those new to VPS plans. Since they are very scalable, they also help with data management as an operations database expands. 

Cloud-Based Application Hosting

One popular way to use your Solar VPS plan is in tandem with cloud-based applications. At Solar VPS, we offer clients over 260 cloud-based applications to choose from, including popular choices like WordPress, Drupal, and SugarCRM. 

You can easily customize your application plans based on your personal needs. Our options start as low as $5 for a wide array of applications and functions. This allows you to install applications within a second with super-high speeds; you never have to deal with glitchy connections again. We also know that it is important to you to secure your data connection. At Solar VPS, we have multiple options to back up your data – all on a secure and protected platform that enables your business to operate as smoothly as possible. 

SolarSystem Management Portals

Another unexpected feature of your VPS plan is the ability to manage your SolarSystem portals quickly and efficiently. We give you the ability to start, stop, and reboot your cloud application pod in the blink of an eye. You can also easily change your password whenever necessary without having to contact the specialists at Solar VPS. Our management platforms let you view your bandwidth usage graphs and upgrade/downgrade resources as needed. 

Furthermore, application management makes it easy to install apps, customize their configuration, install IP addresses or domain names, and integrate your cloud applications within those domains. Learn more about using cloud-based applications by contacting Solar VPS today. 

Database Management

You can also use your VPS plan to help with database management. Collecting data is only one facet of database management. At Solar VPS, we understand clients also need to be able to quickly manage their databases. All of our plans give customers the ability to quickly manage their database needs. This includes both simple and advanced mode operations, customizing your TTL settings, and managing various records. Solar VPS is here to answer all of your questions about your VPS plan today. 

Creating Websites

A bonus of VPS plans is the ability to create websites easily. You can even create websites and sell them to others, giving your business the chance to increase profits or expand your market efficiently. This may not be something that your business needs at the moment, but it is a helpful tip to keep in mind should you ever decide to broaden your horizons. Creating websites is something most business owners tackle at some point in the early stages of their company. VPS plans make the entire process easier for entrepreneurs and large enterprises alike. Solar VPS excels at helping businesses create a functional and fruitful website for their customers to interact with. 

Contact Solar VPS Today

Solar VPS is here for all of your web hosting needs. We understand that you need a fast, reliable, and secure VPS plan to ensure the smooth operations of your business. At Solar VPS, our plans are adaptable and flexible to enable our clients to affordably pay for what they need. Join our network of satisfied clients. Want to learn more about our services and what we can do for you? Give us a call today toll-free at (800) 799-1713 or follow us on our social media platforms for more information. 

Cloud VPS Tools to Manage Usage

Cloud VPS Tools

You might be surprised to learn that the adaptation of cloud computing has been increasing at an astounding amount. According to Flexera, spending on enterprise-level cloud computing will continue to grow. In 2020, for example, 94% of companies that invest in cloud computing options spent between $600,000 and $12 million a year on their infrastructural needs.

The process of moving to a cloud-based computing program is not an easy one. It requires careful attention to detail throughout the process. From the initial planning stages through implementation, establishing a cloud VPS requires a strong understanding of the tools that make the system work. At Solar VPS, our team provides a wide variety of options to actively manage your team’s system. Here’s a closer look at the top five tools to make your team successful throughout this transition.

Cloud VPS in a Nutshell

Before getting too deep into the tools themselves, it’s important to establish a good understanding of what a cloud VPS system is. A cloud VPS is a computing system that affords the entire organization the ability to work in more flexible ways. Especially in the time of COVID-19, being able to successfully work remotely is something that a solid cloud-based VPS solution can assist with. 

An added bonus of a virtual private server is that it allows employees to work anywhere at any time. Imagine how reducing boundaries can improve the speed and quality of work. It’s important to bear in mind that each VPS scenario needs to be catered to your team’s needs.

VPS Tools For Support

In the initial stages of the transition, your leadership team should feel confident in what your new partners can provide. This is important because no two VPS solution companies are exactly the same. As a result, the tools provided will be similar, but some will function better than others. As the process begins, it’s essential to understand how VPS tools can be used to analyze, optimize, and maximize productivity.

If your team is satisfied with a default package, you might be able to move with greater speed. If your team needs more specific tools, the time to customize is now. Take a closer look at the options that your potential partners can provide. Be sure that any adjustments are clearly documented in the service agreement. Remember: if it isn’t in the agreement, it isn’t happening.

VPS Tools For Scalability

As your team begins to utilize a new cloud VPS protocol, there will probably be a fair amount of guesswork involved. When moving from traditional standalone machines to a virtual network of computing tools, it can be a challenge to determine just how much bandwidth is necessary and how many user accounts will need to be configured. To put it simply: scalability will allow your team to increase resources or decrease expenses accordingly. Taking a look at this information on a regular basis allows the greatest impact of scale.

This is possible when your VPS provider includes a thorough toolbox in your hosting plan. Each suite of tools will vary, but the basic tools are used to determine what features are used the most, the least, or not at all. As your team looks at usage reports, you can find a better balance between computing speed and shared network space. This can be particularly important at the beginning, especially if you are a small team. Smaller organizations will often share network space with other companies to provide a greater level of cost savings.

VPS Tools Lead to Reliability

While the VPS tools that are included in your plan may be great, what happens if things don’t work correctly? A VPS tool suite is only good if it’s functioning correctly. In the VPS world, access to the virtual computing system is dependent upon up-time. While no system is designed to be up at all times, having a network that is down often can be incredibly inconvenient. 

When done well, a VPS hosting plan will provide access to resources when teams want to work. In your service plan, scheduled downtime and maintenance should be planned for late in the evenings, on weekends, and at other times. While the occasional unscheduled downtime period may occur, these instances should be few and far between.

When it comes to reliability, the service plan should also clearly outline who is responsible for the maintenance of network resources. Most hosts will provide access to security suites, software patches, and ongoing responsibility for preventing system invasions from viruses and data breaches. Any such failures can be particularly costly for all parties involved.

Solar VPS: Your VPS Tools Source

With these concepts in mind, your team is ready to establish a cloud VPS solution. When you’re ready to build a customized cloud computing system, it’s time to partner with Solar VPS. Our team has been designing personalized solutions for businesses around the world since 2005. We provide options for systems across the most popular operating systems. 

Whether your team prefers Windows, Linux, iOS, or a mixture, we’ll make sure to design a plan that suits your needs. We believe in delivering exactly what you need at the speed of life. Our customer service and support teams are available to assist you throughout your growth. We’re available 24/7/365 to answer your questions. Contact us today!

Build Your Cloud with VPS

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If you are interested in building your cloud with a virtual private server setup, you will be happy to know that open source client-server software enables you to do so quickly. You can set up your own cloud by utilizing the VPS service of Solar VPS. A VPS environment is based on virtualization techniques and enables you to completely own and control your virtual server. You can install any software you need and use your VPS the way you intend to with total control and flexibility.

More Control and Privacy

Building your own cloud with VPS will give you more control over your environment, and you will protect your privacy better. There are software tools available to help you set up your own personal cloud storage. All you have to do is invest in a VPS hosting environment.

Software Installation

You can make the process of building your own cloud easier by installing the right software. You will need to install server software and download client software for your computers and apps for your mobiles. Most of these DIY cloud storage tools have web interfaces, enabling you to access your content using a web browser. It’s easier to share files using web-based software and mobile apps.

How Can Solar VPS Help?

Solar VPS provides one of the most flexible VPS solutions because of the amount of control it gives you. You become the master of your domain with Solar VPS. Typically, your organization’s needs can change as you grow and we let you effectively increase or decrease your resource pool as those needs change. Therefore, you only pay for what you need. Solar VPS solutions come with an excellent VPS management suite called SolarSystem that can deploy resources for you as and when required. SolarSystem also provides DNS control and lets you customize your VPS service. At Solar VPS, we also help you with excellent technical support offerings. You can choose from a couple of different options. Our technical support staff is highly trained, and our technical support modules cover basic MySQL, Apache and PHP management. You can also troubleshoot Plesk and cPanel. At Solar VPS, we have thought of everything from management to support, and we provide the right set of VPS tools so that you are always in control. Moreover, when you sign up with us, you only pay for what you need. If you are looking to build a cloud of your own with a flexible VPS solution, you don’t need to look beyond Solar VPS. Contact us today and choose from various available options.

Simple Tools to Manage Your VPS

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Virtual private server (VPS) hosting is a scalable, flexible and economical hosting solution. You don’t need to spend a fortune on a dedicated server. Instead, a VPS solution based on virtualization techniques will work correctly for you. It is an optimum solution that is flexible and gives you control over your environment and resources. There are specific VPS tools that you need to manage your VPS hosting plan well.

VPS Management Suite

You need a management tool to oversee your resources with your VPS plan. Since VPS plans provide a lot of flexibility, you can use a management tool to add or remove your resources and hence manage your costs as well. You can also perform data backup and have the assurance that your data will be available in case of an emergency.

Control Panel

A control panel (aka cPanel) is a must to have with your VPS plan. It is one of the most popular hosting control panels used today. Using cPanel, you can create email and FTP accounts. You can also add domains, sub-domains, databases, manage files and a lot of other features.

Technical Support

It is not enough to have technical support by email. Instead, competent 24/7 support that takes care of urgent issues is essential with your VPS plan. Excellent technical support will provide a timely and actionable response and give you peace of mind.

 Tools at Solar VPS

At Solar VPS, we provide one of the best VPS solutions with a significant amount of flexibility and control. We also have a great suite of VPS tools to choose from. We have thought of everything from a powerful control panel to comprehensive technical support tools. With our VPS plans, you have the flexibility of dynamically changing your allocated resources based on your needs. Moreover, we ensure safety and efficiency and provide excellent customer satisfaction. We have an excellent VPS management suite called SolarSystem that can deploy resources as and when needed. SolarSystem also provides DNS control and enables you to customize your service. At Solar VPS, you can customize your hosting packages and increase your allotted resources at the click of a button. Moreover, all your resource allocation can be scaled down to reflect lesser resource need. When you sign up with Solar VPS, you only pay for what you need. Contact us today and set up your customized VPS plan.

The Cloud VPS Tools That You Really Need

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VPS (Virtual Private Server) refers to a server with its own operating system and allocated resources, within a bigger server. Essentially, VPS works on virtualization technology where one piece of physical hardware functions as separate servers. There are several VPS tools that you need and can benefit from when you are opting for a cloud VPS solution. Hosting Control Panel Solar VPS provides a comprehensive cloud VPS solution. Our hosting control panel can help you manage your applications when you are choosing your VPS solution. You can easily manage multiple websites and run DNS name servers. Our hosting control panel also allows you to configure Notification Thresholds and quickly and easily install a multi-tenant LAMP environment. Moreover, you can host a mail server using our control panel. If you want to install plug-ins that facilitate easy software installs, our control panel can ease the process. You can also provide end-user logins to customers. If you are using Linux, you get the added benefit of cPanel & Plesk. Moreover, Plesk is also available for Windows platform. Technical Support Technical support is pretty much a necessity when you are choosing your cloud VPS solution. You can choose from a couple of different options at Solar VPS. Our Sick Bay technical support module covers basic MySQL, Apache and PHP management. Additionally, we support SSH ports and security aspects. You can also troubleshoot Plesk and cPanel. Our tools can help with installing and deploying Cloud VPS Firewalls. We help out with any DNS issues, IP configurations, and Disaster Recovery. As an added bonus, we can troubleshoot 3rd party applications to the best of our ability. We also have another technical support module called Mission Control. Mission Control provides the ultimate technical support insurance policy wherein you get 24/7/365 support. You also get control panel migration support in addition to all the features that are available with Sick Bay support model. With Solar VPS, you get a great suite of VPS tools. We have thought of everything from a powerful control panel to comprehensive technical support tools. When you sign up with us, you pay for what you need. You have the flexibility of dynamically changing your allocated resources based on your needs. Customers really like this feature. We ensure safety and efficiency and provide great customer satisfaction. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us today and get your cloud VPS set up with ease.