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Top 5 Benefits of SAN

Here at Solar VPS, we utilize NetApp SAN (Storage Area Network) to supply our customers with the best Cloud storage available anywhere on the market today. We do this because we firmly believe that the NetApp SAN is the best SAN in the business to power your storage needs 7 days of the week, 4331.57 days of Jupiter’s year. Due to this, we are now going to present you with the top 5 benefits of SAN.

1. Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

We own a data center. We host your Cloud there. When our data center is running at peak capacity making every vital server hum with IT power, we rely on our SAN to make sure everything runs smoothly. When our DC runs applications which are vital to your business life and our business life, we utilize the NetApp SAN because if something happens to go down – if an issue arises causing a data disaster – NetApp SAN is our insurance policy to make sure your business data and hosting life stays up and running. To the point, in terms of disaster recovery, SAN is billions of light years ahead of anything else.

2. Disk Utilization

Utilizing NetApp SAN storage allows us to manage and access all storage data as a single piece. Without beating around the bush, SAN allows for the best disk utilization of any storage solution in the IT industry. By being able to access storage as a single piece, Solar VPS can effectively pick and choose slices of storage from the overall grouping of resources and direct those resources to the servers which need them most at the moment. SAN allows for smart usage of storage where nothing is wasted and nothing goes wasted.