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New SolarSystem Features

Here at Solar VPS we have been hard at work improving the SolarSystem. From our product offerings to how we present them to you, we have been actively working for the past few months to improve your our overall customer Cloud hosting experience. On that note, we want to announce the release of three different additions to the SolarSystem: An improvement to SolarSystem Backup Solutions, a more fluid and streamlined order process for Plesk Control Panel and our brand new SolarSystem Knowledgebase (SolarSystem Information Dock).

SolarSystem R1 Soft Data Backup Solutions

R1 Soft Data Backup Solutions

R1 Soft Data Backup Solutions

For every web hosting consumer, regardless if you’re a professional blogger or a mid-level ecommerce firm selling high quality diamond products, the data you advertise to your consumers is highly important to you. From your public facing data, to the applications your virtual private server (VPS) is running, SolarSystem R1 Soft Data protection means your data will never go lost again. SolarSystem Data Backup Includes:

  1. 10 Day Data Backup Solutions

  2. Restore any of your data from the last 10 backups, provided you have the available quota, i.e. sufficient space

  3. Bit-by-bit data backup. Instead of continually backing up 10GB of data, SolarSystem Data Protection solutions incrementally backs up new files which were added after your most recent data backup

  4. SolarSystem Data Protection can be purchased with a new Cloud VPS or added on after purchase via our store