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What Does Speed Have to Do with It? The Pros of a Private Server

Maintaining a strong web presence for your business goes beyond designing a website. Having a beautiful website is great, but your customers want to visit a website that works well. One of the biggest factors that impact their perceptions of your content is how quickly they can access the information they need from you. In today’s blog, we’ll take a look at the top six reasons to choose a virtual private server solution to host your content.

What Is a Private Server?

A virtual private server is similar to a standalone server machine except that it’s often shared by any number of organizations. In this scenario, VPS clients may have a small or a large amount of control over the setup, use, and security of their space. 

For the purposes of today’s article, we are recommending that using a private server is the best way to improve how your company uses the internet to work and make money. This type of solution provides all stakeholders with the best possible access to what they want or what they need at any moment.

Pros of Private Server #1: Full Control of Resources

The first reason to consider using a private server boils down to control. When your team is deciding who to use as your hosting server, consider what you have access to. The best hosting packages will provide the client (YOU) with full control of the resources. The biggest benefit of using a private server is that it’s designed to be private. This is possible because, unlike other hosting solutions, only your data is kept on your portion of the server. You have full access to data about usage, traffic, and security.

Pros of Private Server #2: Virtual Servers Save Money

The second thing to keep in mind about using a private server involves cost. As we’ve already established, your company is the only one using the server. The cost-saving comes into play because you do not own the server. Instead of owning an on-site system, you rent only the amount of space that you need. Since you have access to the analytics discussed earlier, you have the ability to raise or lower the amount of space needed based on traffic and usage. An added bonus to renting a virtual server is that your company is not responsible for server maintenance. Updates and repairs fall to your provider.

Pros of Private Server #3: Data Management Made Simple

The third reason to consider using a private server involves simplicity. If you’re considering setting up a virtual private server for your organization, chances are that your company is small. Small companies don’t need to over complicate their IT needs. When you trust your data storage to a hosting company, it’s important to verify that they can provide adequate support for your team. Having a partner that can be trusted with data eliminates the cost of hiring someone to just manage data. This saves time, money, and sanity for your leadership group.

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Pros of Private Server #4: Safety and Security Built In

The fourth thing to keep in mind about private server usage is the safety and security of your data. When renting private server space from a trustworthy company, it is their job to maintain the network at all costs. It’s likely that you’re aware of the costs associated with data breaches and system failures. While you might think that small businesses aren’t at risk for substantial damages, that’s not the case. According to Security Magazine, the average cost to small businesses ranges between $36,000 and $50,000. That’s a risk your team doesn’t need to take. Hiring a trustworthy hosting company reduces your liability.

Pros of Private Server #5: Working from Everywhere

The fifth idea to keep in mind about using private server space involves portability and accessibility. Since your data lives virtually, it’s possible for your team to work from anywhere with an internet connection. In today’s post, we’ve spent quite a lot of time discussing costs. I’s time to discuss the savings that come with VPS for workers.

When it comes to owning and managing a small company, saving money is an important factor to keep budgets in line. One way of saving money involves your team. VPS operations allow employees to work remotely. This can reduce the costs of office space. It can also encourage real-time collaboration without wasting time on physical meetings. With virtual software, your team can achieve something incredibly important: work-life balance.

Pros of Private Server #6: Customers Can Use It Everywhere

The sixth concept to keep in mind involves how your customers can engage with your content. Much like your employees, customers like the flexibility to be able to access your site from anywhere. Whether it’s to view and share viral video or to order your latest products, having a site with good bandwidth and accessibility makes all the difference in customer satisfaction.

According to Webfx, 89% of customers will shop with a competing company after a poor experience. Customer service matters!

An offshoot of customer satisfaction involves repeat use. If customers find it easy to access content and get what they need from your site, they will become more regular users. Private servers are designed to have almost constant up-time. This is something that’s possible because of the limitations involved. With only your data on your portion of the server, the risks are minimal. Your team and your customers will have no problem accessing your data aside from regularly scheduled downtimes and the occasional traumatic issues.

Solar VPS: Experts at Building Custom Private Server Solutions

Now that you’ve learned some of the reasons for employing a virtual private server, it’s time to take a closer look at Solar VPS. Our team has years of expertise in designing custom solutions to meet the needs of Windows, Linux, and iOS-based companies. We work hard to maximize value while keeping costs low. With a dashboard of tools that give your team full control over your content and performance–there’s no better answer. Don’t delay–contact us today!