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OPEN Act: A Good Thing?

Now that SOPA and PIPA are tabled – at least for the time being, lawmakers are looking to a new bill for answers to the pervasive problem of Internet piracy. OPEN – or Online Protection and Enforcement of Digital Trade Act – may be that answer: “I think that OPEN is a good start,” explains Solar VPS Founder and COO Ross Brouse. “It shows that the democratic process works. When a proposed bill is flawed, we can go back to the drawing board and make things better.”

Brouse is referring to the public outcry against the SOPA/PIPA bills, which forced Congressional supporters into retreat. Despite thousands, if not millions, of dollars spent by media conglomerates to lobby Congress in favor of the bills – non-profit research organization Media Matters for America reports that an estimated 28 different lobbying firms were hired by the likes of Comcast, Disney, et al., organizations such as the Save Hosting Coalition were able to rally support amongst the IT community and others who benefit from an open Internet (that’s EVERYONE!). “The outcry was massive,” Brouse says. “Shelving SOPA and PIPA has been a great success. We (the protestors) created awareness and people’s awareness enabled them to speak up about how SOPA and PIPA are toxic for our economy – especially when it comes to jobs – and for the basic freedoms we, as Americans, hold dear.”