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Five Ways to Use the Cloud to Improve Online Gaming

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The world of computer gaming has changed rapidly over the last five decades. While the original games were most often played alone, increased access to the internet has allowed gamers to connect around the world. As online gaming continues to gain popularity, users require greater resources to be able to game in real time. One innovation that is changing the landscape for computer gaming is through the cloud. Here’s a closer look at five ways that the cloud can be used to improve the online gaming experience.

Online Gaming and the Cloud Way #1: Faster Internet Connections

For online gaming to be an enjoyable hobby, computer users demand a few improvements in their home gaming setups. The first improvement involves their internet connections. Having a fast and stable connection makes gaming a more engaging experience. As online gaming has expanded and improved, so have the types of internet connections available. No matter whether a user decides to use cable or fiber connections, high speed and low latency should be expected from beginning to end.

While a high-speed connection will allow players to access the game with ease, low latency is important for determining how much of the game itself can be played. Latency, also known as ping, involves the speed with which content can be played. High latency can cause significant delays or lagging that will weaken co-operative gaming.

Online Gaming and the Cloud Way #2: Optimized Routers

Having a high-speed connection is great but without a high-quality router, it’s wasted money. When it comes to selecting the right router to support cloud gaming, consider three factors: an ability to provide fast connections, an ability to handle all devices in the home, and an ability to handle high levels of bandwidth required for quality game play. Some routers will be rated specifically for online gaming or high-quality data use. 

These are a good place to start, but consider the three factors we’ve discussed here. A newer router will be graded to address all three needs. It’s essential to remember that computer gaming is not the only concern for most gamers. It’s important to be able to let others in your home be able to use their devices: streaming video, using mobile phones, and surfing the web on their own computers.

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Online Gaming and the Cloud Way #3: Game Prioritization

The latest and greatest games are nothing like the original computer-based games. No longer are players required to play their favorite games in a vacuum. All players of the hottest games have the option to play online in multiplayer games. Many of these games can be categorized as MMORPGs (or Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games) that require access to a lot of resources to play correctly. In MMORPGs particularly, internet connections play a huge role in gaming effectively.

With two important concepts (bandwidth and latency) in mind, online gaming does not require a constant high level of connection. When the latency is too high, the connection will be choked and quality will suffer. Game prioritization is something in the full control of the computer user. In computer usage, prioritization allows users to distribute available resources, enabling and disabling particular features of your computer as time and usage needs change. Prioritization can be used for several reasons, such as streaming video or other uses.

Online Gaming and the Cloud Way #4: Expanded Server Access

Traditional computing has been limited to the physical space available on a computer. By shifting to cloud-based computing, additional server space is nearly limitless. The only limitation on getting an additional server is the user’s willingness to pay for it. Using cloud computing space to access and play online games is the way to go for a variety of reasons – not the least of which involves the high-quality graphics that can cripple a hard drive.

Utilizing cloud computing involves adding a shared server or a dedicated private server. Partnering with a managed server solution may be enough for the casual gamer. In this plan, computer users will access additional external storage and added speed without having to actively manage the solution. The downside: users are sharing the server with other customers which can strangle the connection during peak hours. In a dedicated private server, there is no management and there is no sharing with others. As a customer, you completely own the server space. You control the entire package.

Online Gaming and the Cloud Way #5: Increased Safety and Security

The final way to ensure an enjoyable online gaming experience while using the cloud involves keeping things safe and secure. Data breaches and theft are all too common when it comes to online activities. Sadly, online gaming accounts for a large amount of these thefts. According to Experian, “The online gaming community will be an emerging hacker surface, with cybercriminals posing as gamers and gaining access to the computers and personal data of trusting players.” 

It’s an all-too-real scenario: gamers will access a variety of platforms and make connections with players from around the world. With just a few pieces of information, a hacker posing as another player can make off with valuable information that can lead to the victim losing money from their bank account. When signing on with a cloud host, it’s important to understand how they can and will assist you in the event of data loss or theft.

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