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VPSColo Launched!

It’s been a while since my last blog post. New baby in the house, brother got married, tradeshows and a lot of traveling and I’ve just been too busy to get back to my blogging. Kids are sick today and so I’m planted on the couch with my laptop and so I figured it would be a great time to update my blog.

We’ve been working on a lot of new projects over the past few months and my next few posts will talk about those projects. Today I want to talk about VPSColo. Back in 2007, Solar VPS began offering unmanaged Windows and Linux virtual private servers. Unmanaged servers were always a good business for us. They come at a lower price point and they require far less support from our tech team, since they are unmanaged. Last year we inherited the JVDS brand and we moved our unmanaged virtual server offerings over to this brand, which included both Windows and Linux. The initial obstacle was letting customers know that the SolarVPS web site no longer included our unmanaged offerings, however, the bigger obstacle soon became the price point for these unmanaged services.

We’ve always been a Parallels partner and a staunch supporter of the Parallels software and so using Virtuozzo for our unmanaged offerings was a no brainer. The problem soon became that our competitors were driving their costs down by using open-source alternatives such as Xen and OpenVZ. We’ve always set ourselves apart from most of these smaller players, simply because we have better support, a far better network infrastructure and better equipment. Unfortunately, at these low price points, people seem to stop caring about some or even all of these aspects of the experience. If you’re going to sell a cheap VPS for $5 per month, how much can you really do for the customer?

We had no intention of sacrificing the quality of our service as a tradeoff for a reduction in pricing. While we do not provide managed support for VPSColo and JVDS, we do offer the same high quality of hardware and network that we do for Solar VPS. In addition, we have a highly automated VPS billing and management platform that makes ordering, setup and management a breeze for our customers. We also have some exciting additions coming to our VPSColo and JVDS brands including Xen support for Windows and Linux and iPhone and Android applications to manage your support, billing and vps directly from your mobile phone!