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Humanizing IT with FortressITX Director of Managed Services, Louis Ardolino

On June 14, 2012 Louis Ardolino took the time to sit down during the closing moments of @CloudExpo to talk about the infrastructure of FortressITX and why it’s so important to the future of the Cloud Computing industry. For those of you who don’t know, Mr. Ardolino is the Director of Managed Services for FortressITX.

What makes Louis great is his constant dedication to customer service matched with his unique understanding of the IT world. From virtualization, to full IT closet offload, private cloud solutions, to the FortressITX Hosted PBX and Exchange services, Louis has a great way of breaking down complex issues so anyone can understand them. Essentially, he is our go to guy for humanizing all things IT and for us here over at Solar VPS humanizing our services is something we take a great amount of pride in.


Solar VPS Deploys New Nodes


Managed VPS Host Solar VPS Deploys New Nodes

CLIFTON, N.J. (April 11, 2011) – Managed VPS hosting provider, Solar VPS, announced the deployment of new VPS nodes in three US locations today. This deployment extends the virtualization company’s capacity in Dallas, Los Angeles and Clifton, NJ.

Driven by high-performance dual Intel Xeon Quadcore 5500 series CPUs, the new nodes include 48GB DDR3 RAM and high performance Western Digital RAID-edition drives using RAID10 for optimum performance. Solar’s virtual private servers are powered by Parallels Virtuozzo. Available in Linux, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008, customers can choose from the Plesk, cPanel or DirectAdmin control panels.

To help populate the new servers, Solar VPS is offering new and existing customers triple the bandwidth, twice the RAM and 20% off on its Windows and Linux VPS packages (coupon code: TRIPLEDUB). Additional detail is available on the Company’s website at

In February, the Company announced a merger with managed dedicated server host DedicatedNOW. The merger brings greater resources to Solar VPS, including a place to call home – the DedicatedNOW datacenter in New Jersey. The datacenter has a multi Gigabit bandwidth network accessing all key tier 1 providers through POPs in 165 Halsey and 111 8th Ave.

About Solar VPS Founded in 2005, Solar VPS was established to provide next-generation windows and linux vps web hosting services on virtualized infrastructure. With the help of automation and virtualization software, it has quickly become a global hosted application service provider. Through the operation of virtual business infrastructure and strong partnerships with industry leaders, Solar VPS provides a fully automated service platform that enables a focus on personal customer relationships and superior customer support.