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How Does Green Cloud Computing Actually Work?

Green cloud computing has been a hot topic in recent years as companies shift to more eco-friendly solutions. Businesses are becoming more conscious of their carbon footprints and want to ensure their work and products aren’t doing outsized harm to the environment. As the migration to the cloud continues, businesses around the world are spending billions of dollars each year on cloud software, data centers, and other green cloud computing solutions. Cloud computing has come under some scrutiny over the amount of power it takes to operate data centers. Green cloud computing aims to reduce carbon-based energy sources and limit the negative impacts on the environment. Here’s a basic overview of how green cloud computing works

Green Cloud Computing Conserves Energy

Businesses who shift to the cloud can opt to co-locate their servers in a multi-tenant data center. This helps companies avoid having to build and resource their own data centers. Energy usage, cost and impact is pooled by a number of tenants, limiting environmental effects of data centers. Green cloud computing works to bring multiple clients to one location.

Extend Hardware Lifespan

Green cloud computing compartmentalizes which devices hardware companies need to access data. They don’t have to continually update and throw away year-old machines. Harnessing the power of the cloud allows them to use devices for longer and reduces waste.


Green cloud computing also needs to be examined from a user point of view. When information can be accessed anywhere in the cloud, there is less reliance on traditional office spaces. That means more telecommuters and less traffic on the roads. Working in the cloud can help communities lower emissions.

Low Reliance on Paper

Customers who use cloud technology lower their reliance on paper products. It helps combat deforestation and other effects of paper production. SolarVPS is committed to green cloud computing’s mission. We help all of our customers understand the impact of migrating to the cloud and how we’re working to offer eco-friendly options to every client. Modern businesses need to understand the role in preservation. Eco-strategy also plays a big part in corporate missions and reputations. Consumers are more aware than ever of which companies they do business with that are environmentally responsible. Contact SolarVPS to hear how green cloud computing is evolving and working to improve the environment around the world. We’ll be happy to discuss our green solutions and help you see how cloud computing can help you work smarter and help do your part as a global citizen.

The Secret of the Cloud

The Cloud is Powering Data Center Energy Over Consumption

We need to get something off our chest, proverbially speaking. We are a Cloud hosting provider. We provide Windows Cloud, Linux Cloud and Cloud Apps on Demand to the market. This is not what we want to use this space for. It’s true, brand blog writing should cover and represent the brand in which the blog is being written however we are also people with real thoughts, needs, ideas. For the longest time we have watched as the Cloud market tumbled on through building greater and vaster solutions utilizing the ICT (Information Communications Technology) market. We have watched as the ICT Market (Mobile Device Market) has grown hand in hand with Cloud computing solutions. We have watched as application culture has taken over the mobile world. We have watched as Cloud based services have become more ubiquitous and cheaper to utilize for both consumers and businesses.

On the same accord, we have watched as the Cloud and ICT markets have built themselves upon a dark secret, one which no one cares to talk about. That secret is the impact of data centers on our global energy addiction.