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Friday Debate: Flat Design vs. Skeuomorphism

Flat Design

The release of iOS 7 has spurred a debate in the Solar VPS office: Flat Design or Skeuomorphism? In the age of smartphones and mobile devices, it seems the entire digital community is currently debating the merits of flat design vs. skeuomorphism.

Before we get any further, we need to define both design terms – flat and skeuomorphism.


The American Internet is Growing

Normally we use this space to talk about web hosting, Cloud and VPS concepts or Solar VPS news (product release, company news, customer incentives etc.) however sometimes we use this space to comment on news effecting our industry as a whole. This will be one of those posts.

The State of the American Internet

The American Internet is Broken

The American Internet is Broken

It goes without saying but the Internet is a vital tool for 21st Century commerce. Although we haven’t written about it in this space, the American Internet is in a state of disarray. From figures showing the American Internet ranks somewhere in the mid 30’s for speed when compared to other nations, to studies showing the American Internet is one of the most pricey and hard to access network in the world, the American Internet is in a needed state of revitalization.


WrightIMC's #ASE12 Interview with FortressITX

In this sit down, WrightIMC’s Account Coordinator Kimberly Reynolds sits down with FortressITX to talk about Affiliate Summit East 2012, affiliate marketing, social media and why Google+ might or might not be a good network to get involved in. A special thanks to Ms. Reynolds for allowing us to reprint her blog post in this space. To read Ms. Reynolds interview with FortressITX Dir. of Marketing Josh Ewin, read below… Continue