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2013 Has Been A Terrible Year for the Internet

2013 is over. 2014 begins.

In 2013, we published 84 blogs. This is the 85th. The last of 2013.

With the last blog of 2013, instead of chatting about the Cloud, instead of talking about web hosting and instead of talking about how to resolve Linux OS issues, we are going to tackle a much larger topic – one we touched on yesterday in “The Internet is Broken. The Cloud Is Next.” For the last Solar VPS blog of 2014 we are going to talk about the continuing broken state of the Internet, the problem with Verizon, AT&T and Comcast, and why, once and for all, American ISP’s need to match or better the offered Internet speeds of Google Fiber.

Yes, this will be a rant blog. Yes, this will be a blog lamenting the state of the Internet. Yes, this will be a blog lambasting ISP’s and their horrible practices. Yes, it’s 2014 and we are mad as hell.

The Internet Is Broken

We normally don’t link to other sources but if you missed it, do yourself a favor and read the Esquire blog titled, “The Year We Broke the Internet.” Trust us, it’s a critical read to understand where our Internet culture currently stands. If you choose not to read it, no surprise, the Internet is broken. The reason? Us. Yes, us.


On the Growing Impact of Google Fiber

100 Times Faster Internet in Austin, Texas

In our continuing coverage of Google Fiber, this post will center on the growing reach of Google Fiber and the work of American cities to beat Google Fiber to the connectivity chase. To read our first blog post on the subject, follow this link, “On the Growing Importance of Google Fiber”.

If you live in and around the Austin, Texas area, Google Fiber has a wonderful surprise for you. Recently voted on and announced by the Austin, Texas city council, Google Fiber will roll out its 1 gig connectivity service to 100 locations in and around Austin for free. The move will empower Austin, Texas non-profits and community organizations with the “100 times faster Internet”. Continue

On the Growing Importance of Google Fiber

Google Fiber is Coming to Austin, TX

If you are like us, for the past few years you have been rabidly following the development, the implementation, the road blocks and the growing success of Google Fiber. With a growing presence in the Kansas City area and now a growing sphere in Austin, TX, Google Fiber is begining to branch out to various parts of the country supplying consumers with 1 gig connections that are putting pressure on other Internet/broadband providers locally and nationally. But the question remain, with the promise of 1 gig speeds, what is the true importance of Google Fiber? Is it the connectivity speed and what we can do with it or is it the impact 1 gig connections are having on regional broadband providers?

The Importance of a 1 Gig Connection

Google Fiber is branching to new communities bringing 1 gig broadband connectivity

Here is the thing, as noted by Gigaom writer, Stacey Higginbotham: “You may be wondering why you, in particular, need a gig. The answer is that today you don’t.” Continue

The American Internet is Growing

Normally we use this space to talk about web hosting, Cloud and VPS concepts or Solar VPS news (product release, company news, customer incentives etc.) however sometimes we use this space to comment on news effecting our industry as a whole. This will be one of those posts.

The State of the American Internet

The American Internet is Broken

The American Internet is Broken

It goes without saying but the Internet is a vital tool for 21st Century commerce. Although we haven’t written about it in this space, the American Internet is in a state of disarray. From figures showing the American Internet ranks somewhere in the mid 30’s for speed when compared to other nations, to studies showing the American Internet is one of the most pricey and hard to access network in the world, the American Internet is in a needed state of revitalization.