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What is a High Availability DNS?

DNS systems

Solar VPS is a multi-service provider for the modern online business owner. One of our most popular features is the availability of multiple servers to ensure a website is always up. A Domain Name System (DNS) is essentially an address book, allowing internet users to access information online through various domain names, like or Clearly, this is an integral component of online use, but each aspect is not without its flaws or pitfalls.

To sum up this process, your web browser interacts with these sites by way of Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. DNS systems do the work, translating domain names to IP addresses, which allows browsers to properly load up internet resources at that very moment.

Solar VPS knows how important it is to keep a website available during its moment of need. The majority of internet users are used to fast-responding technology. When you are waiting in line for coffee at the local cafe, you expect a quick check on your phone browser to respond. After all, you only have a few minutes to do so. The inability to see what you need to see is a big deciding factor for users. If a website does not respond in a timely manner, there is a near-90% chance that users will move on to another site–and unfortunately for a one-server business–to another provider of the thing they need.

Solar VPS can provide you with smoothly running DNS systems that take all that pressure away. DNS usage can make or break a business, no matter how long the brand has existed. Both established and foot-in-the-door websites need more than one server to truly be a contender. 

DNS Usage 

Websites that only feature one DNS server are susceptible to crashing when you need access the most. This is because everything hinges on that lone server and you are essentially out of luck if an error or malfunction occurs. For instance, if you are a new online business, one server is not going to cut it. Online traffic is often seasonal in nature, with certain industries having a heavy demand during the months of October through December; others experience that demand in the early months of the year, from January until summer rolls around.

Relying on one DNS server to get you through those needed months is not a good gamble. The more downtime you and your clients face, the lower your chances are for business growth. Constant downtime leads to user frustration and bad business reviews. A DNS is essential to movement, both digitally and in the realm of success.

Solar VPS can supply you with a DNS system to meet the high demand of seasonal targeted audiences. High availability DNS systems are synonymous with top-level operational performances and system uptime. After all, in the competitive online world, there is little room for failure.

No Room for Failure

Solar VPS’s DNS systems eliminate any holes in your plan for online dominance. We want you to succeed. To do this, you need to consider even the smallest details of what helps and what might hurt your chances of success. In situations where a website’s primary server fails, users expect a backup of some kind – anything to help give them access.

Solar VPS uses DNS systems to establish backup servers. These servers will carry the needed load automatically, without any proverbial cracks in the switch. Known as “failover,” our DNS system is essentially a safety net for your online business. For example, when one server stops responding, it will purposely failover to a different backup server instead. This process does not require a failure detection response from a specific server. Ultimately, your site is covered and will remain up for users to browse.

Establishing a constant, accessible site presence is key to providing your users with what they need. While faulty implementations or changes can still cause websites to fail and not load properly, multiple servers will catch a total crash whenever possible. As an online site runner, you cannot afford to take any chances. Solar VPS ensures that you never work without a net.

DNS Systems 101

Technically speaking, a server is a user’s initial entry point to a network. When a server crashes, a secondary DNS server will step in and stabilize everything. DNS systems are in communication with the other servers in the enterprise, which allows a redirect to an available server with no wait time, and during any time of day or night.

Speaking of availability, DNS systems store records; this information must be reachable at all times, regardless of where it is stored or uploaded. With a DNS system, if one server fails, another will automatically take its place. A downed server is not an uncommon happening. In all honesty, attempting to run an online business based on one server is asking for trouble. 

A backup is necessary to stop failures from frustrating and ultimately chasing away your clients. After all, half of the work is keeping your clients happy. DNS systems do just that. Solar VPS offers a monthly subscription – one that only requires you to pay for the services you actually use. Our DNS systems ensure that you have a server available at all times, just in case any unknown software changes or data entry trips a failure. Our computer technicians provide the following features to benefit your online business and websites:

  • High-Availability Multi-City DNS Cluster
  • Remote Desktop/VDI
  • Forex Trading
  • Manage A, MX, NS, CNAME, TXT, SRV Records
  • SQL Server Hosting
  • Game Server Hosting
  • DNS Management
  • Simple and Advanced Mode Operation

High availability DNS systems will keep those clients (and yourself) with optimum access to your website and its wares. Our expert tech support can keep a site running at 100%, and we are always on hand to answer any emergency questions or concerns. With our years of experience and high-tech services, we will get you up and running within 24 hours. Contact Solar VPS today and join the solar system.

DNS systems