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Why Our Data Centers Are Out of This World

Data centers

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You can’t have full internet reliability without fully reliable data centers. Data centers are the engines that power your company connection. When they run well, you won’t have to think about them. They’ll take care of your needs so that you and your clients get the best data usage. When they run poorly, on the other hand, you can lose time, lose revenue, and add unnecessary stress to your business life. Solar VPS understands the gravity of the need, so we do everything in our power to make sure that you get the best from our data centers.

Keep it Cool

Data centers have to perform many simultaneous tasks, so they often overheat when they aren’t equipped with proper cooling techniques. At Solar VPS, we use state of the art cooling systems like chilled water sources, air-cooled chillers, and more. We have multiple data centers across the United States, so our cooling techniques vary based on the location, size, and climate. We use whatever cooling channels will serve the data center best. You can rest assured that your data will stay cool throughout the year, even during the hottest months.

Safety from the Inside Out

Solar VPS will protect your data from both internal and external disasters. From the inside, our experts shield the data centers from hacking, viruses, and other digital threats. Meanwhile, we also protect your data from non-digital threats with our smoke detectors, security monitoring, onsite personnel, and so much more. We use every resource in our arsenal to keep our data centers – and your data – safe from harm so that you don’t have to worry.

All the Speed You Need

Slow speeds can hurt business. When you lose time by working with slower connections, you can also lose revenue. You shouldn’t have to focus on your hosting speed when you have so many other things to do while you run your business. Furthermore, you also want your clients to get the best possible experience, but they’ll run into frustration if you can only provide them with slow load times. That’s why our data centers provide lightning fast speed. We want to help you provide the best, both for yourself and for your clients.

Solar Data Centers

If you want the best in data center technology, allow Solar VPS to provide for your digital needs. We promise out of this world service with plans that start at just $5 and a customer support team that’s always ready to help. If you want quality and speedy service, get started with Solar VPS today.

The Secret of the Cloud

The Cloud is Powering Data Center Energy Over Consumption

We need to get something off our chest, proverbially speaking. We are a Cloud hosting provider. We provide Windows Cloud, Linux Cloud and Cloud Apps on Demand to the market. This is not what we want to use this space for. It’s true, brand blog writing should cover and represent the brand in which the blog is being written however we are also people with real thoughts, needs, ideas. For the longest time we have watched as the Cloud market tumbled on through building greater and vaster solutions utilizing the ICT (Information Communications Technology) market. We have watched as the ICT Market (Mobile Device Market) has grown hand in hand with Cloud computing solutions. We have watched as application culture has taken over the mobile world. We have watched as Cloud based services have become more ubiquitous and cheaper to utilize for both consumers and businesses.

On the same accord, we have watched as the Cloud and ICT markets have built themselves upon a dark secret, one which no one cares to talk about. That secret is the impact of data centers on our global energy addiction.