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A Beginner’s Guide To Cloud VPS Hosting With Solar VPS

Cloud VPS

If you realize you need a cloud VPS hosting service but aren’t sure where to start, we’ve prepared this beginner’s guide to help. We’re glad you are considering Solar VPS for your growing needs. Our cloud VPS hosting services are all customizable and scalable as your needs change. 

Cloud Apps On Demand

If you are brand-new to cloud VPS hosting, the Cloud Apps On Demand product is a good place to start. You can set up a Cloud Apps On Demand plan with us for just $5 per month.

With Cloud Apps on Demand, you have access to over 260 apps and the ability to download apps in a matter of seconds. You can backup and restore the apps on your own slice of the cloud via our hosting services. Cloud Apps on Demand is great for any person or business who needs to get started with cloud VPS hosting. It is especially ideal for bloggers who have maxed out their existing storage options. 

Cloud Apps On Demand comes with our Solar System Control Panel, which is loaded with features. It opens up a world of options for you in managing your cloud services and is still easy to use. The Pod Management component allows you to start, stop, or reboot your Cloud Apps Pod, change passwords, and view bandwidth usage.

Through the Solar System Control Panel, you can also do the following: 

  • Install multiple apps
  • Customize your install configuration
  • Install to IP address of domain name 
  • Integrate cloud app domains with our SolarSystem DNS
  • Backup and restore individual Cloud Apps
  • Manage install domains CRON & FTP users
  • Manage database users
  • Utilize phpMyADMIN MySQL Database Management

For users interested in DNS Management, the following is part of the Solar System Control Panel: 

  • High availability multi-city DNS cluster
  • Manage A, MX, NS, CNAME, TXT, SRV records
  • Simple and advanced mode operation
  • Customize your own TTL settings

You can also set up push notifications to keep you informed of any critical Solar System events.

Linux and Windows Clouds

More advanced users may want to choose from either our Linux or Windows cloud services. Both the Linux and Windows clouds offer a multitude of options for you to create your customized solution. The Solar System Control Panel mentioned above is included with a Linux or Windows hosting service. 

Our Linux or Windows clouds are ideal for any type of business. The Linux and Windows clouds are both robust enough to function as game host servers. They work very well for system developers. 

Developers will appreciate additional features we offer with either system, like Solar API. SolarAPI is a RESTiful API that accesses a user’s Solar System Account. With SolarAPI, a developer can manage pods, monitors, domains, DNS, support tickets, and more. 

Whichever plan you choose for your Cloud VPS hosting needs, you’ll have a scalable solution. Solar VPS wants you to grow your business along with us, and we make it easy for you to purchase additional resources online from The SolarSystem Store or by contacting our billing department. With the exception of disk space, you can remove resources from your plan online as well.  

Bandwidth and Storage Space with Our Cloud VPS Hosting Services

During setup, you can select up to 16TB of bandwidth and 200GB of storage space with our cloud VPS hosting. You can purchase additional space in increments, but this is likely more than enough for the beginner. 

Our Cloud VPS Data and Network Centers

Our cloud VPS hosting users rest easy at night knowing our data and network centers are working to backup, store, and protect their data. Our state-of-the-art data and network centers were engineered in five cities to provide the most complete cloud coverage. Our network has built-in redundancy and uses the best options in fiber optic and copper connectivity. Each of our data centers are protected with various layers of security. 

Cloud VPS

Our Cloud VPS Technical Support Solutions 

Solar VPS offers a choice between two types of technical support for all of our cloud VPS hosting plans, outlined below:

MissionControl Technical Support

You pay an additional fee with your service for MissionControl support, which is a complete tech support solution. We especially recommend this if you are new to cloud VPS hosting. MissionControl includes: 

  • 24/7/365 technical support
  • Control panel migrations 
  • MySQL, Apache, PHP management
  • Troubleshooting Plex and/or cPanel. 
  • Assistance with DNS issues
  • Assistance with IP configurations
  • SSH ports and security 
  • 3rd party troubleshooting to the best of our ability

SickBay Technical Support is a pay as you go plan. The SickBay Technical Support plan includes: 

  • Basic MySQL, Apache, PHP management
  • SSH support and security
  • Troubleshooting Plex or cPanel
  • Control panel migrations
  • Assistance installing and deploying our CloudVPN firewall software
  • Assistance with DNS issues
  • Assistance with disaster recovery
  • Assistance with IP configurations
  • 3rd party troubleshooting to the best of our ability

In addition to the technical support add-ons, we offer the options of a Hosting Control Panel, High Availability DNS, and Disaster Recovery Backups. For more information on these add-ons, click here. 

Setting Up Your Account and Billing

If you are new to Solar VPS, please be aware that our billing department will need to verify your legitimacy before setting up service. Orders processed through our website are normally verified quickly. To avoid a manual review that can delay the process, we suggest placing new orders with a personal domain or corporate email address. If you use a free email provider such as Gmail, just know we may have to ask for a photo ID for verification purposes prior to establishing your service. 

We do accept PayPal. However, we cannot set up monthly recurring charges through PayPal. If you choose to use PayPal, you will just need to manually post your payments monthly. 

We accept credit cards. Recurring monthly fees can be set up for credit card payment. 

To view our plan pricing or to set up cloud VPS hosting with us, click here.