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What to Look for When Searching for a Web Service Provider

Cloud VPS web service providers

Before your website launches, selecting a web hosting company is a major consideration. With the number of web service providers in the marketplace, knowing what to look for in your search saves time. It’s also helpful to know what you need from a provider to help cut through the hype. 

Or, maybe you’re looking for a change because the web host provider you originally selected didn’t deliver as expected. When searching for a new web host provider, there are basic things to look for and expect. 

Look For Web Service Providers with the Best Speeds

Today’s users expect websites to load quickly. In fact, if a site takes longer than two seconds to load, many users leave. It is also important that search engines use page speeds as ranking factors. As a result, choosing a web host provider with the processing power for lightning-fast page loads is your best bet. 

The other factor related to speed is consistency. Web host providers with limited shared resource solutions mean your site is affected by things outside of your control. If another site experiences a traffic spike, your page might be slowed down. The way to avoid this competition for resources and achieve consistently fast uploads is with a cloud VPS provider. 

Expect your web host provider to provide the infrastructure necessary for the best speeds. SolarVPS offers this advantage to customers with five state-of-the-art data centers. We built our centers with the best Juniper networks possible. Our customers enjoy connectivity via a ten-gigabit fiber upstream and diverse carrier IP transit. 

Select A Web Host Provider that Provides Maximum Uptime

Your hard work is in vain if a user visits your site and it’s down. When selecting a web service provider, check their uptime percentages to avoid this problem. The recommendation is a web hosting provider that offers guaranteed uptime. The parameter to expect is a guaranteed uptime of 99.5 percent. SolarVPS invested in the technology and infrastructure to provide our customers this maximum uptime. 

Make Sure a Web Host Provider Offers 24/7 Support

Your website is open for business 24/7, every day of the year. A web host provider needs to be available to provide support anytime you need it. Additionally, check for web service providers that offer around-the-clock support at a reasonable price or in a pay-as-you-need-it plan. 

Look for Scalable Solutions from Web Host Providers 

A scalable web hosting solution grows with your site. As your website needs increase, you purchase additional resources in increments with scalable solutions. The advantage is you aren’t paying for more than you need from a web hosting provider. 

Solar VPS cloud hosting plans are scalable and save you money while offering growth options. You purchase additional resources in increments accessed easily online. 

Web Host Providers and Pricing

Website hosting plans vary widely in cost. Some host providers lure customers in with “free” plans – but read the fine print. A web host provider offering something for free expects something in return. For example, they run ads on your site in exchange for their service. Or, the free site is actually an add-on for a larger package. Finally, free web hosting does not always offer the best performance. 

While caution is necessary for free web host offers, there are affordable solutions available. It pays to shop around for the best deal and performance. Another thing to look for from web host providers is the option of cost savings when you commit to longer contracts. 

While some host providers offer a low fee that you pay monthly, this is usually not the most cost-effective solution. The best deals host providers offer are for annual upfront payment. SolarVPS offers an annual plan, but also has the option of subscribing in shorter increments with cost savings.

Additional Features to Expect From a Web Host Provider

Web host providers offer a variety of both included and optional features and services. Depending on your website’s needs, look for options like hosting control panels and disaster recovery backups. Also, host providers like Solar VPS offer multiple IP addresses if that is what you require.

The interface provided by the web host to manage your page is another consideration. Regardless of your skill level, it doesn’t need to be cryptic or complicated. Check for examples of a web host provider’s interface panel before committing to ensure it’s simple and easy to use. 

A Cloud VPS Web Host Provider 

We offer affordable cloud-based VPS web hosting services. Our hosting packages work for websites of any size. The Solar VPS Cloud Apps on Demand is a good starting place for many new to cloud hosting. The Linux and Windows cloud hosting options we provide are also accessible solutions for any type of business. 

Users starting with a monthly package to try us out appreciate the option of upgrading to longer subscriptions. The cost savings escalate along with the number of months purchased upfront. Additionally, our customers tailor their hosting service with scalable solutions and tech support options. When you are ready for a cloud VPS web host that offers amazing speeds, vast storage options, and maximum uptime, select one of our plans online

Windows Or Linux: 5 Reasons to Use Windows Cloud Hosting

It may seem like trying to convert a Linux loyalist to a Windows server is a futile task. Thankfully, Solar VPS offers both Linux and Windows hosting clouds. Both are excellent choices with different benefits.

Linux is an open-source system and available for free. While this is attractive, there are drawbacks. Windows servers operate on a closed platform and are available for purchases through licenses.

Because of this, a Windows hosting cloud option is more expensive as it relates to the software. It’s important to remember that a Windows hosting server also offers a lot of features. Some users consider these features as “must-haves.”

Windows hosting on SolarVPS Cloud

The final choice between a Linux cloud or Windows Cloud Host is a matter of preference. Both systems are stable and offer great performance. But there are stand-out features with the Windows hosting option.

Here are 5 reasons why a Windows hosting cloud solution is a good choice:

The Easy-to-Use Windows GUI Remote Desktop

Windows offers a simple-to-use graphic user interface (GUI). While some developers consider the GUI to be unnecessary, it’s an excellent choice for beginners. Linux is driven by the command line, and some users aren’t comfortable with this. If you prefer an easy-to-use GUI, then Windows hosting on the cloud is your best bet.

Windows Hosting is Backed by Long-term Support

Windows offers long-term guaranteed support. This is important for some users who find security knowing Microsoft is behind that support. Windows also supports its product with frequent updates for the OS, drivers, and other software. These updates include functionality improvements, bug fixes, and security enhancements.

Microsoft offers support options that provide 24/7 coverage and 15-minute response times. Some consider this level of support worth the cost and justification for a Windows hosting server.

With Windows hosting, there is one OS to support, whereas Linux has numerous variations. Linux is supported by a community of users as opposed to one corporation. In regards to support, a Windows hosting system outshines its Linux counterpart.

Windows Server Supports Web Page Scripts

If ASP and ASP.Net frameworks are part of your web pages, a Windows cloud host solution is best. An ASP, or active server page, uses embedded scripts. A Windows server processes these scripts before a user loads a web page. Linux does not support these frameworks.

Windows Hosting Supports More App & Gaming Choices

Windows hosting integrates with more 3rd-party apps than Linux. One significant example is Adobe Creative Cloud. It won’t work with Linux, but is supported by Windows servers. Other significant app examples that require Windows are AutoCAD and SketchUp.

A Windows hosting cloud server is also the ideal choice if PC gaming is important to you. Most PC game creators develop their games for the Windows platform.

Linux enthusiasts point to workarounds or alternatives to nearly everything mentioned here. However, the simple fact is the easiest choice to support most 3rd-party games and apps is a Windows cloud-hosted server.

Windows Hosting Servers are Designed to Integrate with Microsoft Products

SharePoint and Exchange are two very popular programs for communicating and working on projects. SharePoint and Exchange are proprietary to Microsoft. If these are products you need, then there is a reason to select Windows cloud hosting.

Microsoft SQL and Access are two widely-used database programs. These products are also proprietary to Microsoft. So if your company uses these, you may be locked into the Windows cloud hosting option.

Organizations using Microsoft Windows at the desktop further the case for a Windows cloud hosting solution.

SolarVPS Windows Hosting Cloud

At SolarVPS, we offer a robust Windows Cloud Hosting option. Our Windows Hosting Cloud is ideal for game server hosting and Forex trading. Of course, it is also great for Windows development.

We offer cloud hosting backed up by five state-of-the-art data centers. Our cloud hosting offers the best performance and uptime percentages, as well as the option of a complete tech support package or a pay-as-you-go option.

Solar VPS Windows Cloud hosting is scalable and starts at just $30. Click here for more information or to order a Windows hosting cloud-subscription plan now.

Four Benefits of Using Solar VPS to Host Your WordPress Site

If you are starting a WordPress site, cloud hosting is a viable option to consider with Solar VPS. If you already have a site, you may have outgrown your basic host provider. Basic server hosting has limited resources, and you may be noticing performance issues as your site’s traffic increases. We have options that make switching to cloud VPS hosting an available solution for you as well. There are many advantages to hosting your WordPress site with Solar VPS. Here are just a few of them.

Solar VPS Cloud Hosting Enhances Your Site’s Performance

When you started your WordPress site, a basic host with a shared system worked just fine at first. Now that you’ve put the time into building a great user experience and increased your traffic, you can’t take the chance of poor performance issues with an entry-level server host. 

On a basic hosting server system, your site may experience performance problems when another site has a spike and draws away resources. Or the opposite problem could affect your performance, when your site is the one needing additional resources due to a traffic spike and there isn’t enough available bandwidth. 

When you host your website on a Solar VPS cloud system, you have dedicated resources on demand. You are no longer at the mercy of any other site’s activity. You will have both improved and a consistently high level of performance compared to other hosting systems.  

You won’t have to worry that your host can’t handle the traffic when you load a post that goes viral. The same can be said for when you receive additional subscribers from an email marketing campaign, causing your traffic to increase. 

Solar VPS Cloud Hosting Enhances Your Site’s Performance

Have you ever been annoyed when trying to read a blog post on another WordPress site and it lagged when loading onto your screen? Chances are when this has happened, there were times when you gave up and moved onto something else. 

With the saturation of content on the internet, you can’t afford to lose a site visitor because of slow load times. Hosting your WordPress site with the Solar VPS Cloud Apps on Demand program will help ensure that you don’t lose visitors and will provide the speeds necessary for a good user experience. 

There is a lot of work involved in managing a WordPress site, and no one needs the headache of site performance problems. Your site will have maximum performance levels when choosing Solar VPS Cloud hosting, which means you can focus on other things. 

Solar VPS Cloud Hosting Is a Scalable System That Grows With You

If you’re considering a cloud host for your WordPress site, chances are your star is on the rise. As you continue to load great content onto your site, your traffic will just keep increasing. At some point, you may need additional resources from your host. When you host on a Solar VPS Cloud, your system is scalable. You can access additional resources instantly online from our SolarSystem Store.

During setup with Solar VPS, you can select up to 16TB of bandwidth and 200GB of storage space, which is more than you will ever likely need for a WordPress site. We provide service for all sizes of accounts, which is one of the reasons we have our users customize their hosting plan. You can choose to start small and purchase additional resources in increments as you need them with Solar VPS. 

Solar VPS Cloud Hosting Provides Better Uptime Percentages

Having your WordPress site go down for reasons outside of your control is incredibly frustrating. Cloud VPS hosting is considered the most reliable system for maximum uptime. Your site won’t go down because of a server outage with Solar VPS. When your site is hosted in the Solar VPS Cloud, it is on a virtual system that is distributed through a number of machines. 

Solar VPS has five data and network centers located to provide the best cloud coverage. These state-of-the-art centers have backup generators in case of a power outage and offer 24/7 security monitoring. Our centers are designed to stay up and running to give you a reliable hosting platform with the least amount of downtime. 

Solar VPS Clouds App Hosting is Affordable and Customizable 

Solar VPS makes cloud hosting an affordable option, regardless of whether you are an individual blogger or site administrator for a large organization. You can get started with our Solar VPS Cloud Apps system for as little as $5 a month. 

Our SolarSystem Control Panel comes with all of our Solar VPS Cloud options. It is designed so that you don’t need to be a computer programmer to manage your Solar VPS Cloud Apps site. If you are new to cloud hosting, don’t feel intimidated from getting started based on your technical skillset. 

We recommend our MissionControl Technical Support option if you’re new to cloud hosting. Solar VPS’s Mission Control is an affordable pay upfront solution that provides the ultimate technical support 24/7/365.

If you prefer a pay-as-you-go plan, we offer that as well with Sickbay Technical Support. With this option, you purchase support tickets in packs and start with as little as $10. 

With an affordable solution that you customize for your needs while receiving the best in performance, Solar VPS Cloud Apps On Demand is the ideal choice to host your WordPress site. For more information on our Cloud Apps On Demand system, click here

Basics of Cloud Hosting

Photo by Vishnu R Nair on Unsplash

Photo by Vishnu R Nair on Unsplash

Cloud hosting has grown in popularity over the last several years. It’s what happens when computer applications are run from an external location rather than on a personal computer. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what a beginner needs to know about cloud hosting solutions. One of the biggest reasons to consider cloud hosting is the limitless possibility involved. With cloud hosting, you are not limited by the space of a physical computer. Cloud hosting allows multiple clouds (or virtual machines) to be connected. Cloud computing means that the work can be done in several places at once. The only limitation is how quickly you want to do your work. Another reason to consider cloud hosting is security. Since your data will be stored by a third party, the safety of your information is guaranteed by the host. Cloud hosting networks undergo continuous testing to verify that no potential risks exist. If the unexpected happens, your cloud host will work hard to fix the problem and prevent anything from happening again. Guaranteed. A third reason to consider cloud hosting is the flexibility. While traditional hosting options are limited to physical computer stations, cloud hosting is only limited by what you want to pay for. Most hosting companies will allow your business to increase or decrease the bandwidth used to suit your needs. Pay only for what you use and nothing more. Find a cloud host that provides several options for customizing your plan. One final reason to consider cloud hosting is the reliability. When using multiple servers, there is always a backup server that can be used in the event of failure or overload. Using a network of different cloud servers provides consistent access. If one cloud server is overworked or not working for some reason, another cloud server will kick in to help out. No lag, no delays, no downtime. This is not the case when a traditional server is used. When a local computer fails, there is no other server to access without using a different computer. This can cause lost time and added frustration. When you’re ready to take the leap into cloud hosting, consider Solar VPS. We’re experts at finding a solution to fit your unique business hosting needs. Whether you’re a beginner or just looking to change to a new hosting company, give us a try! Contact Solar VPS today!  

Basics of Cloud Hosting

Companies have been adopting cloud hosting to manage their web needs for years. The security benefits of cloud hosting allow companies to lower security and operating risk by moving websites, applications, and data away from local servers. By spreading out hosting resources over servers in data centers, companies enjoy the security of failover in the event one server location fails. They can still view and use their data as needed. Cloud hosting helps companies avoid disruptions due to outages that were common years ago. Companies who have yet to migrate to the cloud should take a look at some of its advantages.

How Cloud Hosting Works

Small companies sometimes go to a store and buy a server to place in a home or office that stores all of their data and customer info. They use it to run their websites. But what happens if the power goes out? What if the server breaks and the data is lost? Data losses can be crippling for a business. A web outage can also stop customers from visiting a business’ site and buying products. Cloud hosting companies have servers spread out across many locations that are programmed to failover if an outage occurs. When a server fails, another server kicks in to keep web hosting up and operational.

Advantages of Cloud Hosting

Using a cloud hosting service is the best way to make sure a website or application stays running. Hosting services typically invest in high-quality equipment that’s more reliable than dedicated servers. They can usually scale and host for many companies. This lowers the cost to individual customers and companies that use their hosting services. As more people migrate to the cloud, the cost continues to drop. Let’s say a company is developing what they think is a hot new product. They know demand is going to be extremely high but aren’t sure what kind of hosting resources they will need. If they misjudge consumer demand for the product, they could experience a website outage as customers rush to their site so fast it cripples their servers. It ends up costing them sales. On the other hand, using a cloud-based web hosting company takes that concern off the hands of businesses. Hosting companies have the resources to rapidly scale up or down based on need. Solar VPS offers the best cloud hosting services on the market. We have the resources to ensure your website runs optimally at all times. Solar VPS is spread across the world, so our clients enjoy guaranteed stability with excellent tech and customer support. Contact Solar VPS today to see how we can help with your cloud hosting needs.

Build Your Cloud with VPS

Photo by Kreatikar on pixabay

If you are interested in building your cloud with a virtual private server setup, you will be happy to know that open source client-server software enables you to do so quickly. You can set up your own cloud by utilizing the VPS service of Solar VPS. A VPS environment is based on virtualization techniques and enables you to completely own and control your virtual server. You can install any software you need and use your VPS the way you intend to with total control and flexibility.

More Control and Privacy

Building your own cloud with VPS will give you more control over your environment, and you will protect your privacy better. There are software tools available to help you set up your own personal cloud storage. All you have to do is invest in a VPS hosting environment.

Software Installation

You can make the process of building your own cloud easier by installing the right software. You will need to install server software and download client software for your computers and apps for your mobiles. Most of these DIY cloud storage tools have web interfaces, enabling you to access your content using a web browser. It’s easier to share files using web-based software and mobile apps.

How Can Solar VPS Help?

Solar VPS provides one of the most flexible VPS solutions because of the amount of control it gives you. You become the master of your domain with Solar VPS. Typically, your organization’s needs can change as you grow and we let you effectively increase or decrease your resource pool as those needs change. Therefore, you only pay for what you need. Solar VPS solutions come with an excellent VPS management suite called SolarSystem that can deploy resources for you as and when required. SolarSystem also provides DNS control and lets you customize your VPS service. At Solar VPS, we also help you with excellent technical support offerings. You can choose from a couple of different options. Our technical support staff is highly trained, and our technical support modules cover basic MySQL, Apache and PHP management. You can also troubleshoot Plesk and cPanel. At Solar VPS, we have thought of everything from management to support, and we provide the right set of VPS tools so that you are always in control. Moreover, when you sign up with us, you only pay for what you need. If you are looking to build a cloud of your own with a flexible VPS solution, you don’t need to look beyond Solar VPS. Contact us today and choose from various available options.

What’s the Difference between Cloud Hosting and VPS Hosting?

Photo by MashiroMomo on pixabay

The technological advances in virtualization techniques have given birth to cloud and VPS hosting. Organizations are no longer dependent on owning a lot of hardware for their hosting needs. Instead, they can rely on virtualization to better utilize the hardware resources. Cloud and VPS hosting are both based on the virtualization concept. However, reliability, flexibility, and availability are the distinguishing factors between the two.

What Is VPS Hosting?

When you opt for VPS hosting, one physical server is divided into many smaller virtual servers. These virtual servers then act as their own dedicated server environment. Because you will own one section of this server, you will have your own set of allocated resources. You can customize and configure your server partition just the way you want. Additionally, VPS hosting is secure since all your files are private and inaccessible to other clients. The downside of this hosting mechanism is that it tends to be less reliable in case the physical server fails. In that scenario, all virtual servers fail as well. Additionally, performance of virtual servers is dependent on the limitations of the physical server.

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting works a little differently. Instead of having a single dedicated virtual server, the resources are spread out amongst a bunch of different physical machines. The advantage of cloud hosting is that you have a network of potentially unlimited virtual machines. All of these virtual machines rely upon an underlying network of physical servers. The benefit of cloud hosting is that it provides a great deal of reliability because you are taking advantage of multiple physical servers. If one of the physical machines fails, it will not cause a failure in the entire hosting service. The downside is that it doesn’t allow much customization since you don’t own a particular virtual server.

How to choose between Cloud Hosting and VPS Hosting

If you are looking to choose between cloud hosting and VPS hosting, you need to understand the vital difference between the two. Although these hosting mechanism both utilize virtualization techniques, they do differ in the aspects of reliability and control. If you want more control and your own dedicated virtual server, you can opt for VPS hosting. With VPS hosting, you get higher security and more customization. The biggest difference between the two hosting environments is scale. With cloud hosting, you get access to an unlimited network of server resources. If your environment is scaling very quickly, you may want to look at cloud hosting. However, cloud hosting offers lesser security compared to VPS hosting. At Solar VPS, we have the most flexible VPS hosting solution with all the bells and whistles. Our tools enable you to have full control and our technical support modules provide you with the assurance you need to tackle any issues that arise. Moreover, when you sign up with us, you only pay for what you need. If you are looking for a flexible VPS solution, you don’t need to look beyond Solar VPS. Contact us today to set up your VPS hosting solution.